🔴Air Pumps vs Power Heads! Tank Talk Live Pres. By KGTropicals

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Neo Angeles says:

anyone looked for the song that john sing it to fish?

Alexander Dickinson says:

hey john,

I have five great chilies all great love them. I do have concerns and I wan the best for them. What excites them what makes them want to swim around like the first time they met me. Maybe a different type of food or more decor? get back to me please.

K Moody says:

love the videos….got a question…I have 3 cichilds…. a green terror a firemouth and a jack demp. two are new and the green terror I’ve had for a month when i put the the two new ones in the tank the green…well it’s a one vs two…and the green is the problem he is fighting both and winning…what can i do ?

Allie Hobday says:

Are those pleco algae scrubber magnets? If so, where could I get one?

Jim Hande says:

Hi John
I have used airstones with my ugf for years in my 55g Amazon community tank.

Derek Greenhalgh says:

Man you talk rubish at times, using an airstone in an uplift tube on a UG filter was the most popular way, long before powerheads were invented, Using an air powered sponge filter works exactly the same way the only difference is the filter medium, sponge vs gravel/sand substrate. The way they work is identical. I would also like you to show how to use a typical wave maker to do the same without converting it to a powerhead.Yeah, you make more on a power head than an airstone right.

2DebbieDoo says:

Hi John. It’s been a while since I’ve visited, sorry about that. Love your channel. I know you’ve talked about medicating fish before. My question would be figuring out what the fish has, as far a disease. I recently learned a very hard lesson about hospitalizing first. I got in a hurry to reward our grandson for working so hard the first week of school, he wanted a bug eyed goldfish. It’s been a disaster. I lost all my babies except one, that I’ve been caring for, for the last four years. Believe me, I feel just retched, because I knew better. The survivor, my Pleco is about 10″ and has what looks like discolored scales, yellowish stripes. I’ve treated with Ich-X, general cure, Fruan-2, Para-guard, Mela-fix, Pima-Fix, salt, first aid food with garlic, life guard and a couple natural parasite remedies. I had your list of “must have” meds on hand, so I started there, treating them right away with Mela-fix, Pima-fix and Super Ich cure. Then tried different combinations of the others 3-4 days at a time, but continued with the ich cure,. then I’d switch because they were dying. It’s been about 2 months, he’s eating, stools are normal. There’s no cotton looking fuzz, never was on him. I know the little gold fish had ich on his eye. This “disease” just won’t go away. I don’t know what else to do for him? Trying to keep this short, lol, so I’m skipping a lot of info but any suggestions at all?

Down south Cichlids says:

Are you still in the cichlids business

Michele Duncan says:

I really enjoy your live streams! I LOVED your response to “feeding live fish to cichlids!” I couldn’t agree more!!!

Chloe X X X says:

When you coming back mr! I loved listening to your streams and content vids :0) you’re the most interesting fish talker !!!

Tyler Johnson says:

Shout out to Michael! Love it he did rock lol

sarah jane wilkinson says:

Hey Love Your Video Keep On Talking Man. Brilliant I’ll Be Watching.. Can Tell Yu Have Been Doing This Awhile, I’ve Just Started A Year Ago. I’ve Sub So I’ll Get Your Updates. Keep Going My Friend, Sarah Jane Wilkinson From The Uk

Joseph Burns says:

Hi John am just wondering do you ship to the UK and is three water changes a week to many am very new to fish keeping thank you

Betty Endsley says:

Keep talking, I’m learning. I now know why my fish keep dying,,, they would die the same day.

phil emerson says:

glad I found you…. great info. And I see names I already know. Very cool!!!!!!!!

Alexandro Da Re says:

I have new tank syndrome I’m battling with high nitrites anybody could help please I have a Mbunas tank 55 gallons

Green Cobra says:

Can I keep a convict with my African cichlids?.?. Need to know ASAP

Melbria says:

But what is better ? A sponge filter with an air pump or a sponge filter with a powerhead ? The powerhead flow is 10x better but can the biological load of the sponge handle this ? With an airpump the water has a slower flow but the time in the sponge is much more.

Captain Savage Aquatics says:

Great video! I found it very informative!

Alexandro Da Re says:

Hello KG tropicals

Could you do a video talking about new tank syndrome there is no good information on YouTube about it … it would be cool if you could help people including me on this kind of situation. Thank you

Carnotaurus Hunter says:

Can someone post a link to the youtube video of John singing to his fish? Lets get 100,000 views on it!!!!

michael barrett says:

Would you put ocean rock or dead coral in your cichlid tank

Tyler Mannon says:

Love your videos keep talking the more you talk the more I learn

michael barrett says:

Hi John would you use a air compreser air pump which turns over 350lt per minute

jesincla says:

I have a follow up question about water changers. I heard since you are adding the water in before you dechlorinate you should dose for the whole tank not just enough for the water you are adding. What do you know about this?


Air pump with jet lift can create quite a lot of flow.

David's Fish Tanks says:

I miss u Im going to sub you back I like power heads for cichlids !!

Cichlid Dude says:

why not to mix semi aggressive chlids from different parts of the world even though they were bread and raised in same water quality “ph gh kh …”

coqia says:

do u keep the pump and light running 24h?

Nick Nathu says:

Short answer – air pump for smaller tanks powerhead for larger (freshwater of course)

Johnny Bryan says:

i love the q and a

Stephanie Wilhelmina says:

I’m so nervous to get my Mbunas. Like, I want everything to be perfect. I have a 125g, Fluval FX4, An air stone, 300 watt heater, and thermometer. I feel like I’m missing something crucial and would really appreciate any help I could get. right now my waters nitrogen cycle is complete. 0 nitrites and ammonia. very little nitrates. As far as fish go, I have 4 Synodontis Petricola currently in the tank. The Mbunas I’m thinking of getting are: Yellow Lab, Acei, demasoni, metriaclima Zebra. any suggestions and help would be appreciated.

joshua carrey says:

Is common that my female exasperatus bred with my fusco? They’re an inch and look great. Thanks for all your help!!!

mr. FELTON says:

John, Tank Talk Topic… What do I do if the power goes out? Hours, days, etc. Thanks for your time.

Enjoying Evil&Slander says:

You have a lot of creepy, gossiping stalkers as your followers. Just saying this from experience. They’re all pretty SICK up in the Kabonkerz. Them and their stupid big baboon mouths. Proud of yourselves? Idiots with big mouths cause a lot of useless damage. BABOONS!

Shillelagh Brown says:

love this channel!

Fishy Eye Rick says:

Do video on condensation in submersible heaters

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