#270: LPH45 Linear Piston Air Pump Review and Plan for Fishroom – Update Monday

Take a look at the monster that will supply air to every one of my tanks in the fish room. After 15 years of buying diaphragm pumps for $20 each, I’ve finally made it to the major leagues with this LP45 Linear Piston Air Pump from Jehmco. Do you own an aquarium? Would you like to help support this channel? Subscribe to My Aquarium Box to get the world’s first subscription box for aquarium hobbyists delivered to your door once per month:


tonytonnic says:

Why would you add the air pumps to each tank, rather than adding it to the sump?


Looking great Greg

Justin Mccarthy says:

Make sure to run your pvc in a loop around the room.

Sarjitha C says:

i have an eco plus pump and its too noisy, so i places an order for LPH26 Linear Piston Air Pump from jhemco. I have nothing but excellent reviews about them and their customer service was excellent. Still waiting for my shipment to arrive and im excited

Check fx says:

Nice setup dude !

That is my next step and i liked your vidz ! 🙂

caravann26 says:

Get a rubber membrane bubbler for your kaldness they come in disks or bars.way better to get a nice boil with out clogging ..Although I had problems running sponges and a kaldness bin because as you know air and water pick the path of least resistance I ended up using marine pure instead and using the pond membrane bubbler as a bleed off almost on my jhemco

TV Sucks says:

Noisy ?
Silent ?

danturbo316 says:

Very happy you considered me suggestion for the Medo unit!
I have the LA-28(Jehmco calls it LPH26) and love it. Paid 300$ with shipping and duties, worth every penny.
A few tips : Put a quarter inch rubber plate between the wall and the pump
stand. Put a one inch plate of rubber on the base of the pump stand. Nail both down.
Zip tie the pump to the stand, and also attach it to a beam, in case the stand goes down.
This will minimize vibrations. A LOT. Set up a quiet fan to blow air at the pump, it will warm up.
If you can, add as many control valves(flow control) as you can, it will be of much help.
My unit needs to run a good 20 outlets not to warm up too much, and even with those I have to
keep them at maybe 1/3 or 1/4 of the flow(I have valves on all my lines) since it is quite powerful.
Yours will be similar. I can use a simple air line and split it into 4 using one of those marina splitters,trick being
working with the flow control valves. Looking forward to the next updates!!

Chris says:

Nice addition to the room. Look forward to seeing the setup.

LVcichlids says:

Glad to see you got your pump. I have the same exact pump and valves in my fish room and love it. I’ve got 30 sponges running in my system and it doesn’t even blink an eye. They rate them on the low side to be safe. Just added 6 tanks and will do an update very soon. Check it out if you get a minute.

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