5 $ AA Battery Powered Aquarium Air Pump

This Pump as you saw will work on tanks as deep as 24 inches. So 55 gallon tanks 125 , and 75 gallon standard dimension tanks are all within range of what this pump can handle. So long as what you are running is a sponge filter your fish will be fine, if your attempting to aerate to save your fish….. i would get something bigger.
Here is a link to the Pump at walmart also check Academy for the same price everywhere else is 7+ $ for the small pump

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Chaz ́s Fish Channel says:

Great video Kyle!

FishPerson Vblogs says:

Hey Kyle! I subbed. I saw your channel some time ago but I didn’t have a YouTube. Now I just saw your channel and now I subbed. Thanks for sharing this vid!

Josh Tabakos says:

Can I have the small aerator please

Rod S says:

Thanks for this video. I have been meaning to buy a battery powered air pump and I will be looking for one of these.

KLANCH tube says:

Hi, I am very new to fish keeping and I am wondering what air pumps and filters do?

MoreChannelNoise says:

I wonder if those baby bubbles would run off those solar cells you can get.

ShortNanxious says:


Aqua Apprentice says:

Always need to have these on hand living in Florida, especially during hurricane season.

Lisa C says:

Thanks Kyle, very helpful.

Damian Bloodstone says:

You have to look at the runtime on these in tanks. The big one showed 44 hrs and the smaller one showed 22 hrs at 0 depth (no water). These are mainly for 5 gal buckets or small coolers. The runtime will be the factor with the depth of the tank is what they are talking about on the back side of the package. In other words, as the water depth and physical resistance of the air pressure to produce the bubbles increases it will make the batteries run at maximum or to an unknown minimum time. These are still great little pumps. (In a ten gal tank, I changed my 2 D batteries three times in six days.)

google plus sucks says:


Mike and Meini fish tanks says:

thanks for sharing

Daniel Mtanous says:

u just saved me some money, was about to buy a subpar pump cause it used 1 double a battery compared to the gigantic d batteries. ill just get the baby bubble instead!

Wilson Miranda says:


Aquarium Co-Op says:

Cool tip

Josh Booth says:

Wasn’t this on your last video??

Rich Mick says:

Bought 1 at Wal-Mart yesterday need a few more

Pondguru says:

Groovy system for emergency situations – thanks for the upload.
The difference in flow between the small pump and larger pump was negligible so given the cost difference and cost of batteries I’d go for the smaller one.

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