aPump and AquaLighter Nano Marine Light- Reviews

товары для аквариумов

In this CoralFish12g video I am going to unbox and review a couple products from COLLAR. Aquarium air pump aPUMP is the smallest and the most silent pump in the world. Strong air pressure flow produced by the aPUMP pump makes it possible to use it in aquariums with water level of up to 80cm!

LED illumination lamp AquaLighter Nano Marine is used for illumination of marine nanoaquariums with the volume up to 25 liters. The light sources of LED illumination lamp AquaLighter Nano Marine are the superbright LEDs, manufactured by OSRAM (Germany)



Jessica Huffman says:

I like the light but I dont like how the air pump stays on with a suction cup. You know what will happen in a few months lol. Great video!

Ehsan Adib Shabahang says:

Wow you have some great videos. Thank you for all your information I also have a a reef tank please tell me what you think of it


nice, great products

aaaheim says:

I can promise everyone that aPump can not power a protein skimmer that is just a stupid statement! Keep away

plumbumq says:

your shoulders are very wide
you must try bodybuilding

Tony Goose says:

This light is working great on my 4 gallon pico…great light for the price..

Tony Goose says:

Just got my aqualighter marine today and it didn’t come with adapter for plug …so pissed…anyone know what store would sell a adapter for a euro plug?

ReeferGil says:

Wow. Two great products.

IceTurf says:

I wanted you to be quiet and then to bring the camera right by it so i could hear it

Agr414 says:

Cool stuff. I also stopped in at that booth and he also couldn’t stop saying that it’s the smallest and quietest air pump in the world.

Tony Goose says:

What online store can you buy from?

Andrew Harrison says:

Could this light support lower light corals like mushrooms in a 5 gallon cube?

Vanessa Owen says:

Great review!

jurisdiction1 says:

Awesome review on those products! I will be looking into that aqualighter!!! Great job ! Keep them coming!

Сергей Владимирович says:

In Germany?))))))))) It’s made in Ukraine!!!


would this light up a 40 gallon tank ?

Justin Culbert says:

So what’s the update on the light, good growth in your refugium?

StudioReef says:

HA! your old air pump sounds like my skimmer 😀 It drives me crazy
Nice video my friend 🙂 
Keep em coming. Thumbs up from here

MissyMyStuff says:

Hi 🙂 Great video 🙂 I´m curious if the pump would work with a 60cm rod/bobble curtain?

Dan Lowery says:

Nice! appreciate the reviews!

goprospkrdude says:

Wow, the packaging and products are amazing!!! Nice vid!

Сергей SK says:

made in Ukraina !

thibault sandra says:

Did the air pump give enough air to make your mame skimmer skim? I got the aPump with a wooden air stone in my skimmer and the pump doesn’t seem to give enough power, another pump does.

Tony Goose says:

Ok got aqualighter running but question on reading the specs it says 7 watts 12,000-15,000 kalvin would this be enough light on my 4 gallon pico for med light corals to grow?

Hectorisking Hinojosa says:

Great video George love both this products!:)

Don Deslauriers says:

This light does come with an adapter or not? I was going to buy one at Amazon and it doesn’t say that an adapter is included.

Khaalid McMillan says:

Great review! Thanks for posting!

SPL says:

It can’t be 35db if it’s near silent.   Human hearing threshold is close to 17db.  Anything above 23db can be heard without any effort.

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