Aquarium Fusion Quite Air Pumps- Best Aquarium Air Pump

American Aquarium Products review demo the aquarium Fusion Air Quite Pump. Including the Fusion 300 air pump, Fusion 600 Air Pump and the Fusion 700 Air Pump. These pump are the most quite air pump and could help how to make aquarium air pump air pump quieter.

Using a 4 inch airstone and new airline tubing.

The 300 has a single port and the 600 & 700 have dual ports with variable air control.

Possible the best aquarium air pump.

Resource for Fusion Quite Air Pumps:



Cool update on the pump

David's Fish Tanks says:

cheers great video

Jamie MacDonald says:

I’ve been running these for well over two years. The bubbles make more noise than the pump. Great price point too

The Fishy Life ! says:

I’m gonna try these ,my Tetra 100 sounds like a dam lawnmower! Hey I just got my black silicone!!! Going to reseal a couple of tanks just wanted to say thank you!!!

Shelley G. says:

I run a Fusion 500 on a sponge filter within a 10 gallon quarantine tank. I gotta say I am NOT at all impressed with this pump other then it is quiet. Even with the 500 there is not much air bubbles coming out of the filter.

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