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What makes the Aqueon QuietFlow Air Pump different than other air pumps on the market? Thomas gives us the details in our latest Product Review!

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Günter TV says:

didn’t aqueon make the god forsaken bettafalls

Theo Colvin says:

Why are all your videos positive? Do they indorce you at all?

Hello There says:

can you guys open a store in Saskatchewan please?!?!? preferably Saskatoon. we have nothing good here, you guys will make a killing.

Ricardo Junqueira says:

Fun episode! 😀 Thanks guys!

Nick Alford says:

what’s the size air pump that they used in the video

Is9 five says:

Nice I may consider switching my air pump now

Crystal Rosado says:

But where can I get that poke ball though???? I need it!

Gary G says:

Quick question – I have a Tetra air pump 60, and it is VERY loud. Can you compare the vibration and noise between them. Am I looking at a substantial noise reduction.

The Tetra has been running for a week and it is starting to sound like nails on a chalk-board.

Thanks Guys, love your videos!

Keagan Wilson says:

This can be used for saltwater tanks right

Yellow Kitten1253 says:

Cool vid guys

fbutz04 says:

Do all the pumps have two outlets or just particular ones?

Günter TV says:

you should do a review on the bluwave filter series.

Paul Sam says:

i could watch u all day. funny stuff. serious i can’t seem to find where BigAls is located. what State please.

auzytre says:

Love the videos! But could you please do a video explaining EVERYTHING you need to know about Bearded Dragons. Like how to tame them and care them.

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