Best Air Pump for Fish Aquariums Reviewed

This is the best bang for your dollar on an aquarium air pump! This is my review.

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There are rare causes when the tank is cycled but the nitrates arent reading. I’m one of those casts also. Its rare and not to many people are aware that happens. Our tank has been up for two months. .have tested every single week. Always zero everything until last week some ammonia showed. .now gone again still no nitrate/ite.

Don’t worry. Okay. Dutch people keep planted tanks. We have excellent drinking water – we use it straight from the tap. Some of us try to create such a bio-balance that wc’s are hardly ever done. My meter tank has it’s external filter (x2!) cleaned only once a year. I limit my wc’s to once every month, month and a half, 2 if need be. 20% max.

I’ve done worse… No3 up to 800.

Fish will be fine. From 1200 silly things start happening to the most sensitive (and ofc NEW fish). It is suggested that having such a high No3 even prevents diseases…

* Do mind your water + enhancer / that’s a chemical mix that is easier prone to bad changes. We just use water. eah keep the siphon higher, but if you’re worried about them getting curious and too close to your siphon tube, you can tie an unused nylon or something similar around the tube with a rubber band.

Water changes do much more than lower nitrates. It lowers phosphate levels (another pollutant from feeding) and replenishes mineral such as calcium and magnesium which are essential for buffering the pH of your water. There truly is no such thing as too many water changes. Think of when you’re stuck on an airplane and breathing the same recirculated air. It’s always refreshing and energizing to breath fresh air again.

it looks like your getting a lot of good feedback. Your second test looks much better. If you have live plants they will consume a lot of nitrates for you, but water changes have other benefits too as stated above. You do not have to vacuum the gravel every time. I never disturb my substrate. Nitrate test in API test kits are the first to go bad. API suggest to shake all soulution bottles before using them to test. Water changes are very important. But if you miss one because of what ever reason, generally little harm will happen.

most of the time adding Ro/di water as to topp it off, should be well enough. its quite hot here, so most of the time adding a few gallons doesnt hurt. I’d also squirt some that amquel/novaqua stuff, and you are golden. nice job.So, I ordered a betta that was shipped out on the 17th. According to the tracking information, my fish is still in the same state, yet different city, since the 17th. I’m at a loss as to where the heck this fish is even after contacting them. Has anyone had similar experiences with ordering fish through USPS?


Debra George says:

I have the exact same pump and it is SO LOUD I’m thinking of returning it. I really don’t want to but OMG!, they are really loud. Any suggestions?

My Hero, Ezra Pound says:

Dang! Your tanks look crystal clear, I want to aim for that thank You for posting

Nam Nguyễn says:

Careful how to move your camera. Moving it too fast make the video very enoying. Just try to watch the video again after filming, will see what happened

Juan Winner says:

Looks like you need to put up the air flow to the sponge filters.

Marcus Braun says:

2 big Oscars in a Small Tank. Dont do Videos.

Nick Menard says:

what the fucking model number with all the rambling you do you do not say exactly what it is

bradley miller says:

I agree with all you said, only I grow hydrophonics using air stones. I’ve tried many and these by far are in my top 5! Please no hater’s need to reply, thank You!

j0ey725 says:

can i just use a sponge filter or i need a hob

Dave OG Miles says:

my favourite is Eheim

Michael Cross says:

Get an osmo before next video

Gary Person says:

The money is not worth that pump. You do not like the gang valve but the little Ecoair gives you more ports and adjustable air flow. With one pump I am running 68 gal tank, a 10 gal tank and a 90 gal aquarium. The Ecoair cost about the and does twice the work.

Jean Kennar says:

moving your camera too fast-makes one motion sick

hanzifaction says:

Fuck you faggit

Free Swimmer says:

I’m check’n out many fishroom videos as I’ve just recently got my own started and always want to learn more. Been keeping all kinds of Cichlids for nearly 30 years total and breeding Saulosi as of now.. You look successful with your room ! Would appreciate you check’n my channel and throwing thoughts at me. Please sub if you would. Thanks and keep up your good work.

Richard Vargas says:

too noisy , dont buy it. lowest power on the 2 outlet pump does not make any bubbles. you must keep it at least to medium power for bubbles to start forming. and its too noisy. not worth your money

Corey Vollmer says:

Hey I have an air pump with 2 outlets, however I am currently only using 1. Is it a good idea to leave the other one open or should I plug it?

Genile Bankai Elric says:

Hi All! It seems that you guys are pretty knowledgeable about aquariums and I am just getting into the game. I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on a good bubbler/aerator for a Cubic 20 Jellyfish tank. I want to make sure that the PH level in my tank is optimal for the Jellies and was told that to keep that in line, it would be best to make sure it is aerated with a decent bubbler. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

aaaheim says:

forget that pump in the video get an eheim and YOU WILL LOVE IT! relaible, powerful and quiet operation the most quiet there is in this world;)

shivann justin says:

i have a question that puzzles me alot. I have a 100 gallon air pump with 2 nozzle things and i want to know if i am connection it to 2 aquariums, will it be 100 gallons per nozzle or 50 gallons per nozzle for 2 nozzles

Mike says:

Would have liked to have seen it cranked up a bit. Otherwise good vid my dude

audioman628 says:

You keep saying super cheap. NOT GOOD. Most people in the hobby want quality and don’t mind paying for it. Look for long term longevity and reliability. Stop looking at the money factor. You get what you pay for.

Joe says:

Very helpful!! Looking for a pump I won’t have to replace every year or so.

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