Boyu ACQ 003 Air Pump – Why you shouldn’t buy it!

Today its the turn of the Boyu ACQ-003 air pump.

Today I review this piston driven air pump and I hope you heed my warnings when I say STEER WELL CLEAR of this pos, this has to be the loudest most in-efficient and unsafe air pump I have ever seen.

Want to know more, well just watch the video for further detail..


Stuart Russell says:

As a long time serving electrical tester, I also notice that on the pump that the wattage is 35 Watts. It also looks like the cable is likely rated at 5 Amps. So a quick calculation to show current consumption is Watts divided by Voltage, so 35 Watts divided 240 Volts equals 0.145 amps. Therefore, knowing that we should select the fuse rating to protect the appliance and the cable, the lowest rating plug fuse available is 2 Amps. So the plug should be fitted with a 2 Amp fuse. So in the event of a cable short circuit, or a short circuit in the appliance of say 10 amps, the fuse will rupture, protecting your appliance and cable. If this same scenario happened with the 13 Amp fuse fitted to a majority of low current appliances like these, then the 10 Amp short circuit in a 5 Amps rated cable equals fire risk. Good, intelligent review.

Ugh No says:

This is such a gem of a channel.

Enz0_G4mer says:

In addition to the above, it lacked to test with the compressor running for a few hours. As it warms up, its performance is worsening, until the entire air outlet stops. Its temperature reaches 75 degrees Celcius. Moreover, the indicated consumption goes far from the 35W indicated by the manufacturer, arriving in fact at 70 W. I will never buy any device that is of this brand, after having bought this ACQ – 003.

Clay says:

It looks like this is a pump manufactured and branded under several names, including Vivosun, FunLand, CNZ and more.

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