Cobalt Aquatics Phantom Ultrasonic Silent Aquarium Air Pump Review. The Most Quiet Air Pump?

Today we review the Cobalt Aquatics Ultrasonic Silent Aquarium Air Pump. It has a lot of similarities to the Collar aPump. However being that this air pump is from Cobalt Aquatics it comes with a 3 year warranty for the same price.

Cobalt Aquatics Phantom Air Pump:
Never Clog Air Stone:

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Michael Eugenio says:

That’s amazing . I should use that on a future Nano tank I’m setting up

mountainfolks says:

To anyone out there. If you had 10 – 5 gal. tanks, is there a pump that could handle all 10 at once? Any recommendations?

Samuel Delonge says:

I searched you tube for a video on never clog air stone you sell so I posted a video to share the knowledge! Hope it helps sales!

Ebay Guru says:

w i c k e d update

Cole Schramm says:

Nice product review, Cory. Next time you do a review on an air pump, can you show us the “Never Clog Air Stone” bubble spread? Do the bubbles just come out the end of the air stone (like it appears in this video) or does it function like a regular disk or block stone? Thanks!

Coleman Anderson says:

they all start quiet, but how loud does it get after 3months

Nelson Aviles says:

Will it work well running multiple airstones ornaments and or in a gang valve

SSJChar says:

the output is a bit low, do you think it’d be suitable for an hmf filter on a 20 long shrimp/danio tank?

Michael's Fish Room says:

Another great Video!

thejokersmile99 says:

Spot on with the review homeboy. Love the science! Church!

Steve Story says:

Would you recommend this to run a bubbler ornament or air stone in a 10gallon tank? It’s in my daughters room so I like the fact that it’s soooo quiet. Could this run one of the sponge filters you recommend for a 10 gallon? Any other air pump recommendations? Thanks for the great video!!

Steve Poland Cichlids says:

Wouldn’t surprise me at all if Colbalt is just rebranding the Collar apumps. I know they do that with the Ziss egg tumblers.

walter otiepka says:

would that be good for diy algae scrubber

Nikki G says:

Your video is the best review out of everyone else that did it. More persuasive and indepth.

Michael Agostino says:

Great video, nice review. Also, I signed up for your newsletter.

AQUA NUT says:

oh no way thats pretty cool that you picked up a flow meter. now that you picked up one i am curious to which of the pumps from your other video pushes more air. but that sure is a silent pump. i hear lots of great reviews on cobalt products.

braytac says:

I got one to power a sponge filter in a 10 gallon(if that) aquarium.
i thought i had done enough research but right after i had ordered it i suddenly find all these reviews saying its under powered for that purpose.
reading your comments here on other people comment is giving me some hope it will be fine and i can enjoy a nice silent aquarium.
since it is going to be less then a meter from where i sleep

Thank you

beedixx says:

Can I run a sponge filter with it?

João Mota says:

Hi, Cobalt Aquatics Phantom VS aPump noise. What is the best with lowest noise?

Simply Third Street says:

Do you think this could pump two lines with an air stone on each? I use one small (loud) pump split between two 1 gallon tanks.

mikec7777 says:

Nice info, could you add a wattage meter to the testing? I doubt a small air pump would make a difference but there may be a breaking point that a large system makes more sense verses many smaller pumps

frankie4257 says:

pricey piece o crap ….. you prob pumping em coz you sell em dude

J.Cliff Toomey says:

I think the fact that i didnt even know you plugged it in, speaks measures! Thanks, Cory.

Hailey Bo says:

Great video! The aPump however does offer a dual output model and also I have to add that the dual output model comes in a cardboard box not the metal one. I think only the single output model of the aPump comes in the metal box. You should do a Video on both models the aPump and the Cobalt!

BigWig Aquatics says:

Great review, Cory! Well done!

Buddy Mayfield says:

where do you get the flow meter?

BolivianFishKeeper says:

Always liked your reviews ,,but this one was not as objective as it should have been .

Pushing air 25″ deep barely …
I don’t think so. The video says it all .single bubbles maybe ok for a nano tank, but for anything larger ,at best , 20g.

Can be used mix salt in a tub …
I doubt it . Barely see any agitation/force to be able to mix a 50g tub.

Rico Suave says:

Wtf 25$ might as well spend a couple more dollars and get an Alita pump from jhemco and pump a whole room full of air

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