Collar aPump Maxi Air Pump Silent Air Pump Review – Most Quiet Air Pump So far!

The Collar aPump Maxi Air Pump is as close to silent as I think we can get. In this Review I find out it put outs half a liter of air which isn’t bad for a nano tank air pump. I’d say it is the most quiet air pump I have tested so far and give it a thumbs up.

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SusanneAyotte says:

Where is the goldfish filter.

A Bored Couple says:

Will the 2 outlet apump power two sponge filters for two nano tanks?

Steve Story says:

Do You need to use a check valve with it

Duck4cvr says:

It this the one that’s exactly the same as the cobalt?

jaiminsonu says:

I like your reviews , thanks for doing them for novice like me. I want to ask will this pump work for fluid bed media K1 in 500 ml plastic bottle in my 10 Gallon fish tank ? I mean will it be strong enough? TIA

Maryann Wiggins says:

I have a 3.5 gal Betta tank and want to run a sponge filter.I don’t want anything too strong for my Betta. Do you think this would do. Can I regulate the flow or put an air stone in the fillter tube.. I like that the pump is silent since the tank is in my bedroom. I’m a novice and would appreciate any suggestions. Love your videos. Lots of good info

Exotic Cichlids says:

The MAxi has 2 outputs, how come yours has only one? Maybe it’s just the regular one? If this one has 15db and the Cobalt is 8-9db…what is the one with 2 outputs from Apump rated at?

Mye Flatley says:

The aPump Maxi has two air outlets.  I am looking at one.  I cannot find the air inlet.  The unit looks to be solidly sealed!  Where does the air go in?For you information, these are called piezoelectric disk pumps.

Nunnito Miguel says:

Nice , review , I’d use it for nano tanks anyway 🙂 question : I m nOt sure if u remember but I asked u about the never clogs air stone to sell here in UK , I’m really kin to have them , I’ve tried recently the wood ones and I would say crap is not enough to describe them lol , they r ok in the first day that’s all . U said u would try something in Japan , did u ? If u get the chance to sell those on Amazon or eBay
that I could buy them let me know please . Thanks , Nuno

kchiem says:

Quieter than a Eheim ?

Russell Beach says:

That’s pretty good for the price. Now for the test of time. Good Job Cory! as always

Cole Schramm says:

Good review, Cory. Nice job!

Lex T says:

Hі, very direct complaints of these pumps in my country, the manufacturer makes a return and replacement but still it is not pleasant.

Ebay Guru says:

Hey my friend Yep had some of those a while ago I had the twin version and single version and YES they are amazing quite but they have no real power and so that is why I bought the eheim twin 200 (after your review) as the performance on sponge filters the Apump couldn’t cope on an air stone yes but a sponge filter not really.. the eheim yes is a little more nosier but hands down on the performance thanks for the video looking forward to the next update

Rico Suave says:

Hey man can you get your hands on the new aqueon quiet flow air pumps that are sitting vertically in stead or horizontal

NYCity Cichlids says:

Thanks for the review.

Jibraan Ali says:

didnt you do a review on someting similar to this?and maybe every so often u can do a TOP 5..plz and tanks…

great wrk..keep them vids pumping buddy!

thejokersmile99 says:

I picked one of these up at Chicago 2015…8 tanks and 6 months later I’m giving up. Mine seems to need to be “touched” or turned 90° to keep up consistent flow

Karl Isfeld says:

Thanks, you did give me the answer i needed

Exotic Cichlids says:

Hey there, would you happen to know the DB level of a Whisper 10 and 20? I’m trying to decide between an Apump collar, cobalt aquatics (where to buy it from in Canada?)

Damion Markham says:

thanks Cory , the metal box would be great for shrimp supplies and air line accessories ect..


after you are done with your mad scientist test could you please make a top 5 of all the air pumps :)?

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