Coralife Air Pump Review

Coralife SL-65 Linear Piston Air Pump


Mr. Greenpump says:

A more realistic comparison would be to state the GPH (gallons per hour) that the pump is capable of producing.  For this pump, that would be about 1,000 GPH.

ZachIs808 says:

No problem man! I’ll be watching all the videos, don’t be afraid to go crazy on them they’re great!

Adrian says:

Exactly how loud is this pump? I want to use it in my 120 gal living room aquarium. Im not as picky as some because my current pump makes noise but not as bad as reviewers have said.

Mohamed Ghonaim says:

what about his noisy is there any way to silence it?

Nick Briggs says:

Just curious as to how the pump is running now?  I’m looking at purchasing something to replace all my small pumps and the price on this, the Ecoplus Commerical Air 1, or Dolphin EP30 look really good for the stated performance.  But, time tells all and was wondering if you could do an update.  Thanks for the video.

Brian's Fish Tanks says:

Nice pump!

Michael Plante says:

Thank you for the review.   I have a similar air pump and it gets REALLY hot.   Watching your video let me know that is normal.

Tony Vo says:

Why do they look identical to the ecoplus commercial air?

Jerry Chen says:

This type of pump will not last even for one year. I have two of them all last less than 6 months.

Jwhiser1302 says:

Thanks for the comment bro! Mine is doing great as well. I don’t understand why I never got one before LOL

SpacejamsPR says:

nice ass pump bro

Ryan Tierney says:

Ive had one of those puppies running nonstop for the past 2 and half years on some of my larger tanks. A bit loud, which is to be expected with a linear piston pump, but she keeps on truckin’!

Martin Chavez says:

One atmosphere [10 meters]
is equal to the weight of the earth’s atmosphere at sea level, about 14.6 pounds per square inch. If you are at sea level, each square inch of your surface is subjected to a force of 14.6 pounds. The pressure increases about one atmosphere for every 10 meters of water depth.

Mike More says:

Hi, i just received this pump SL-65 from and its not very
strong, doesnt have a big flow, is there a trick to trigger a stronger
flow of air ? it doesnt push my skin on my hands like other have, i can
open it maybe and add or tweak something ?

kneal87 says:

thx for review, maybe get a small fan to run on it just to be safe so it doesnt over heat and crack since it is a piston driven pump but for multiple tanks seems like it would be a good way to go

Jwhiser1302 says:

Thanks guys, def recommend for the price and output of this beast!! The jags don’t have a spawn right now but hopefully soon bro! Thanks for watching!

Thomas Samoht says:

It’s quite noisy… but if you consider a fishroom environment, you can manage some 50 tanks with just that. Wich is an infinite advantage, if compared to 50 single airpumps, one for each tank… but you have to manage to regulate the pressure in each line carefully. Well you know.. save some money… have to do some extra work… besides, “can’t have it all from this life ‘o mine!!!”

TV Sucks says:

To bad all that heat is wasted. I like to heat the water with that.

7777Ralph says:

Excellent video

jaysonmetsfan says:

Thinking of getting a nice pump for my fish room might go with the one you have since you gave it a good review! Good stuff !!

Ranger BLR says:

With its help it is possible to clean the computer from a dust?

jefke8345 says:

I saw one just looking the same a resum pump

Justin Mitchell says:

I’m having issues with some stones working and some not based on their depth in the water and tube length?! Do I simply need a stronger pump? I’m using a 3.5W PetSmart special.

Kat says:

All I want to see is this thing working in a tank. But no, every video I have seen, not one person has shown it working. … stupid

ZachIs808 says:

Looks good! How are the Jags doing with their spawn ?

TopNotchTanks says:

How much does this pump cost?

Wayne Ramel says:

i agree, those pumps are beast & don’t worry about the heat cause i’ve been running those for 6 months now 24-7 & had no problems with it. it does get really hot though, i run 8 lines to each pump.

Mr. Greenpump says:

That black plastic cap that is on the back end of the air pump has a foam filter inside that you can take off and periodically clean to keep your pump running at maximum efficiency!

Jay Hutchins says:

how is the pump doing now?

Dirt Farmer says:

You might like this pump but there is no way it could fill even one scuba tank.

McKaners says:

Can this model be retrofit to a 12v battery source by cutting the cord? 

frankie4257 says:

your filling people’s heads with rubbish … won’t fill scuba tanks just the volume of the tanks … my scuba tank is 36 ltr at 300 bar …that’s 300 atmospheres

R2DaJ520 says:

do you know anything about air lifts jefe? im thinking about incorporating a couple air lifts in my tank to help pull detrius from the bottom of the water column up top to my overflow tower. if you do know anything about them, how many do you think this would run? thanks

Michael Plante says:

I have the same plastic diverter.   BUT the usual aquarium tubing is too small.   Do you know what to use?

Tiger O'Sullivan says:

Hi, can this be used outside for my pond? can it be left in the rain? or do i need to build a housing around it? Thanks

Forrest's Fishroom-Cichlidman09 says:

Very cool!! Tons of air coming out of there

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