Coralife SL-65 Super Luft Pump Review

Hello youtube, bringing you all a review on my recent purchase of the Coralife SL-65 Heavy Duty Luft Aquarium Air Pump! During these holiday’s, we all mihgt buy and receive new aquarium stuff….so I thought why not give a review! This filter is extremely strong…but is extremely loud! Feel free to leave your thoughts below!

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Catfish Cave says:

It will be quieter if there are airlines hooked up to it, but a Tetra Whisper 40 it ain’t. That kind of  power doesn’t come quietly. More on the fishroom!


Did you have it running tanks? I have a similar pump in my bedroom and don’t find it too loud. I had it running 7 tanks and could barely hear it. Nownits running 2 and a little louder but but doesn’t bother me.

Tony Vo says:

Looks like ecoplus commercial air u sure it’s not twin company?

Ruben says:

The more filters you have connected to it the quieter it will be. I know it will be quieter but don’t know if it will be quieter for you. Maybe you can exchange it for a piston pump. 

Mike More says:

Hi, i just received this pump SL-65 from and its not very
strong, doesnt have a big flow, is there a trick to trigger a stronger
flow of air ? it doesnt push my skin on my hands like other have, i can
open it maybe and add or tweak something ?

svtcontour says:

I just got one of these today! Great review btw. I’m going to use mine to kick on few a few seconds every few hours to turn over sand substrate to avoid anaerobic bacteria buildup.

Ricky Kenerly Cichlids says:

Was cool to get a sneak peak of your new fish room!  It will be awesome when you do your videos from there!

Michael Wells says:

I was going to buy this pump before I saw your video. That pump is extremely loud. Thank you so much for posting this video.


awesome review happy holidays

Cichlid Junkie says:

Have a similar pump..have a question.. So I turned my pump off and water came thru my air stones y is that? Then u turned it back on and it ran for like 5 minuets and burned out

The Cichlid Nut - Tim Howard says:

Good review. About how much was that pump?

MASS Aquariums says:

Wow that thing is super loud. I couldn’t deal with that at all bro. By the way nice fish room. Looks like you have enough stands for plenty of tanks. Right on bro

IFG says:

Pretty dope!

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