Do Aquariums Need Air Pumps?

Do Aquariums Need Air Pumps?

Aquarium air pumps are useful to add extra dissolved oxygen in aquariums where this may be lacking due to low flow or warm temperatures. Aquarium Air pumps also can make attractive addition to aquariums and have many ornaments associated with them. Aquarium Air pumps also allow extra water movement and can prevent dead spots. Air pumps however can be loud and annoying and aren’t really necessary if filtration is adequate.






Lisa Uribe says:

Do you think my gold fish need a air pump cause they keep going to top of tank looks like they are eating but I think they are gasping for air and the filter system is not making any bubbles.

Coooleee says:

“It’s in my room, where I sleep…. it’s called a bedroom btw” Thank you for saying that it was really helpful. That was an answer many of us were looking for our whole lives

DeepFriedFuzzball says:

‘We humans enjoy that’ – THANK YOU. My faith in humanity has been restored.

Meschac Toussaint says:

right before you leave you say they can be harmful with no explanation…i would think that point should have spearheaded your video

HC1024's TOP10 says:

Is there such a thing as too much oxygen?


cool video i have subscribed to u so please subscribe back to me cheers

Genile Bankai Elric says:

Hi there, you seem like an awesome enthusiast. I was wondering if you knew what kind of aerator I should get for my Cubic 20 Jellyfish tank? I want to make sure that the PH level stays great for me Jellies. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Benny 34 says:

What about an axolotl

White House Lies says:

Best informative video on air pumps and to the point. Many thanks!


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Everyday Aquarist says:

Air pumps are a useful addition to any aquarium.

today i am a mermaid tomorrow i'll be a unicorn says:

you need to filter you have to have a filter my fish died without one and he had only been in his tank for about a day and everything else was all right he had plenty of food but he still died because he has no filter

finnaquarium says:

GREAT info

Gio Flores says:

Bottom line, for all you idiots… it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit of air

busa89 says:

I prefer a circulation pump over an air pump assuming your tank is large enough and your fish can handle a bit of current. Also you don’t have to listen too or look at bubbles which aren’t natural in really any scenerio.

Johan Duker says:

for a fry tank airpump

Van Tazz says:

I saw considerable people with opinion that air pumps are not needed but the one guy who is building and selling fishes and tanks and the rest for it said to me that a water fountain pump is enough to make enough oxygen. Do you think that is alright for 70 liters?

Sector 001 says:

Dan Hiteshew and Everyday Aquarist are the only aquarium based YT channels I need, for a healthy aquarium and fish!

Fernando Medina says:

You have given me the best answer of what is the use, or not, of an air pump. Thanks for your time and everythng.

revol113 says:

Loch Ness Monster spotted at 0:40

Roger Nevez says:

Is it possible to run a nano aquarium without filter?

Blake J says:

Battery operated pumps are great to keep in reserve in case of power failure! Monsoon season makes this a real possibility here in Arizona!

Snipercube says:

I really like the look of your tank, the heavy planting compliments the fish perfectly!

Sara Shen says:

you look like harry potter

Nathaniel Reich says:

Me same i have an aquarium in my room and the pump is so noisy so i just have the filter spraying at the surface of the water.

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