Do You Have Noisy Aquarium Air Pump? Learn How To Fix Here

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Unjo Gratis says:

Hi mark I was wondering if you could make a little video about your nepenthes and your other plants. I also have some nepenthes and a lot of plant and I have a tank with cherry and I want to see your nepenthes 🙂

HSD nF says:

You would think the glass jar would make it way louder! (like setting your cell phone in a jar to make the sound louder! i wonder if you put like a $1 store sponge or 3 inside the jar might help dampen the sound by soaking it up and then duct tape the top??
I have those older whisper deep water air pumps and OMG the noise drives me CraZy!!! ive set them on sponges to keep vibrating down or keep from rattling.

Gustavo Frobertimus says:

So incredibly useful!

razgriz says:

never thought i’d see achmed the dead terrorist again

Ryan Brown says:

Hello Mark! I’m fairly certain I have seen Flourish Fert in your room.Is that what you use? I have gotten several different opinions on it being Shrimp safe

Rickard Rocks says:

Might use this 🙂

musicalmarion says:

Hoots what a great idea, I’m going to try it the noo ! : ) (Bubble wrap just isn’t doing it for me)

Kerem Kutay says:

Do you like Hıyar Turşusu 🙂 its turkish product how could you find it 🙂

Sylar says:

Guys dont buy tetra air pumps its kinda expensive for a cheap quality,and way too noizy,i have rena air 600 for almost 20 years and i can let it work in the bedroom…

tanktalk says:

I’m just getting into the shrimp hobby and your videos are my absolute favorite! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience!

mef1975 says:

I had a similar idea when i saw a shock mount on a microphone stand, but i did it with rubber bands and a styrofoam cooler.

Mrs. Wiggles Wiggles says:

i would have never thought to do that. Bedroom pump here I come

Maker Jr says:

Thank you man

Msdriftwood says:

Thanks so much for this video!!! I was about to throw the pump against the wall it was driving me crazy!!!

XnFM says:

Well, there is a brand of duct tape called, “Duck Tape,” and as the story goes, it was originally called, “duck tape” back in WWII….

Kathryn Evans says:

Waw awesome timing. Thanks you uploading this video. I’ve been getting annoyed with my air pumps now I have three to listen to 🙂 such a lovely simple idea.

DMAN D says:

What a wonderful idea!

Michel Tan says:

Genius Idea Mark !
Thanks a lot

TheOpelkoenjas says:

I just use a cheap thick sponge and let the pump sit on it. Done. No rattling noise anymore at all. And if you want to make sure the pump stays put all the time, just get a bit of ducktape and secure the pump to the sponge with it. It can’t get any easier or cheaper if you ask me.


Bydand says:

Thanks Mark ….peace & quiet ….so far????! ☺

DMAN D says:

That is one thing that I hate about the aquarium hobby. Noise.

aaaheim says:

U forgot that it needs air…

Ben A says:

Hey, I had a quick question my ph is at 7.6 when it comes out of the tap it is 8.0 and it’s 8.0 after ro I’m using seachem ph neutral regulator to lower my ph but it only goes down to about 7.6 and I don’t want to use to much, any ideas on how to lower it closer to 7.0

livinloud1984 says:

hows the pump supposed to work if its not getting in any air in the jar?
it will end up making a vaccum in it

evaldas yakaitis says:


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