DO YOU NEED AN AIR PUMP IN YOUR AQUARIUM? Quick tips with Lisa presented by KGTopicals
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Quick Tips With Lisa is a series of videos where Lisa will be bringing you some of the most common questions asked to us in the store, on the phone and everywhere on the internet. You can expect these videos to be quick and to the point (Lisa doesn’t like to ramble on like John does). We’ve got plenty of great ideas for quick tip topics so get ready for frequent uploads of Quick Tips With Lisa!!!

bubble sound effect recorded by Amanda.


boomboompow says:

subbed cause im one thirsty koi fish for liza

Richard Yin says:

Was just surfing aquarium videos…didnt even see the title of this one, just the icon. The clickbait is real !!! lol

UA HAK says:

what air pump are you for 3-20 gal,

Mike Joyce says:

Do a video on Tiger Oscars !! I bought 2 and 2 months later they are as big as my hand had to buy a 75 now & guess need a 125 later ???

Benny Castillo Moreno my small fish tank says:

Air pump are great has them on my 5 tank when one start to slow down I dont them slowing dowm

hokkku says:


Erik Jarboe says:

I’m brand new to fish. I just got 5 gold fish in a 5.5 gallon tank. Didn’t put the air pump in right away. Fish were bunch of dead beats; didn’t really even swim around. Set up the air pump with an air stone… wallah! fish came to life. Poor little suckers were suffocating. Thanks for the great videos!!

Kay1066 Benz says:

Lol @ hanhsui 🙂

Per Shop says:

These are 3 good reasons why a tank would need an air pump, but if the tank doesn’t need these things, then it doesn’t need the air pump. So that’s the real answer to the question.

spidy278 says:

huh… lucky dude, your ms also like fish. My ms always counting how many times in a day i go to my fish room……yes counted

Fernando Duarte says:

Lisa is beautiful

Nick Nathu says:

I don’t really need to use one because the flow from my filters are enough (fx6 with some modifications because my tank is only 60g and a sponge filter)

Минтон Бэрри says:

Very Sexy

Tim Washington says:

she is beautiful.

Roger Nevez says:

Your accent makes you even gorgeous. Texas?

nitrosomniak says:

Do i need to leave my air pump on 24-7 I have no live plants and two small gold fish in a 20 gal tank?

Michael aquarium says:

hi Lisa I’ve got a pump 30 years old it’s called whisper 400 do you mean at pump whisper 400 I’m still using my 3 foot tank let me know if you know what I was there for 100 years this is Michael aquarian on YouTube you have time to look for a look at my channel and tell me what you think of my videos thank you for taking time to read this hear from you soon by the bye bye the bye bye bye now on Michael aquarium

Amanda robertson says:

I have an air pump and my fish love swimming in the bubbles

Mohd Nizam says:

i love her boobs

EO Rhino says:

I don’t pump CO2 and just started using a wave maker to eliminate dead spots. I have 15x water flow with the wave maker and filter combined.  

I’ve learned: 

1. Will water will release CO2 needed by the plants?
2. Water movement will distrube CO2 and nutrients to all areas of the tank to benefit the plants.
3. Does added surface gas exchange necessarily reduce CO2
4. The first 4 of 10 gases that make up clean air: In order of highest to lowest concentration are Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, and Carbon dioxide.

What are your thoughts?

TheBSideDJ says:

there is only ONE answer to the question in the titel, and that is : NOOOOOO !!!!!  Besides the use of an airliftpump (sponge pump in some cases like hatchings tanks), you don’t need and even should not use airstones (or ornaments) in your tank.  Why ?  1) Do you see it in nature ? no ! 2) Do fish like it or prefer it ?  I don’t think so ! 3) is it not helpfull to increase the oxygen level, important for fish breathing ? yes, but if the outlet of your filterpump makes the waterlevel move, (moving water tanks oxygen from air)  then THAT IS sufficiant !!!  Can I control if that is sufficiant ??? Yes, look how slow your fish breath… increase waterlevel movement if you fish breath too fast.  In my opinion, and this is only personal : throw away coloured stones, fake plants, ornaments, airpumps, terrible backgrond pictures, … consider creating a natural biotope (with fish from one area), and you will see the real relaxation and beauty a tank will give.

Troll Doll says:

fap fap fap

Bob The Fish Wilki says:

Great post Lisa,
to be honest, i never really wanted bubbles in my Frontosa tank, but your mention of dead spots is a good point. The amount of caves i have for my Harem does mean there are dead spots, i regularly have to clean these areas but airatiion/bubbles has made me think again.i will be buying an air pump.
thank you.

Pete Stockus says:

Lisa, I have 55 gallon tank and run hob filter and sponge filter. The sponge filter is run off of tetra whisper. My wife and I find it to be noisy. I also tried another, Wal-mart brand. With your experience do you suggest one that is more quiet. (The noise, is a loud hum.) Thanx, love your videos.

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas says:

Got a hang on filter, 20 gal tank and 3 goldfish. Do I still need an air pump?

B P says:

she likes large

steven moreno16 says:

I don’t have an air pump I have a powerhead that circulates and puts a good amount of oxygen in the water

Jesse Huerta says:

I have an 18″ air bubble tube (75 gallon tank with all male peacocks) and I LOVE the benefits of both adding clean oxygen to the water and keeping the water moving around the tank. Plus, the decorative aspect of the bubbles at the rear of the tank is impressive, almost like a backwards waterfall. My fish seem to enjoy it so that makes it worth while to me. Lisa, thanks for the tip on utilizing air bubbles in an aquarium.

aquadragon1 says:

Well there is no real need to use an airpump in any tank. But you might choose it for your system. You can do just as well without. A spongefilter can be run with different types of pumps as well normally there is no need for an airstone.

Evets Ayama says:

Can i turn off the air pump for 8-10 hrs while i sleep?

Nightpelt says:

Can fish live without it? My fish does not have one and never did. It is getting old…I think. It looks weak and I had to fill in less water because it was sooooo weak when it was getting up to eat its food ;(

MR Oz says:

I don’t see an air pump in the tank behind you? Are you using one in this tank?

Heey J says:

Great video. Thank you so much

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