Do You Need an Air Pump In Your Aquarium?

I often get asked about having an air pump in an aquarium. In this video I share a few reasons why an air pump in your fish tank will benefit you.

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Tazawa Tanks says:

Interested in a t-shirt? Let me know here in the comments. Also, if you want to skip the t-shirt pitch, fast forward to 2:57, where I start talking about air pumps.

John M says:

Yes – XXL

IFG says:

What are the noise levels like on your pump bro? I’m thinking about investing in one.

Liz Dyson says:

I have a 14 gallon tank with tetras a d Cory’s in it plus 3 snails. I am also cycling a 3.5 gallon tank cycling ready for a betta, I’ve watched programs about the Amazon and the water there is very stagnant I believe. I am also lec to believe bettas don’t like fast flowing water so I’m assuming for both my aquariums I don’t need to worry to much about an airstone? However for all of you who use one I do think it makes your tanks look very beautiful.

Gerald Martin says:

Absolutely want a t-shirt. Like the dark colored as it stays cleaner

Rob Sitarski says:

Yes I would like to getting a t-shirt

Vcubed says:

I want to buy a t shirt

Salvador Velasquez says:

Yayy, finally I get a tee-shirt from one of my favorite you -tube professional instructor about my hobby. Please let me know how to receive one at (

Caudopunk says:

Yes please! I’m in the US and would love to buy a Tazawa Tanks tee 🙂

Melissa Berry says:

Yes,yes,yes, t shirt ….pleeeaaaassse;)

joel maldonado says:

Is the t-shirt screen pressed?

tony kaiser says:

Hello . I love sponge filters they are the best most simple filter around. I never have problems with ammonia since using these. Never been a fan of canisters. HOB filter are ok but sponges rule all . Work great easy to maintain and last forever. My only question is ya how you were talking about wTer pockets in tank. Do you think they do enough water movement so you don’t have water pockets?

Lyndon Stevens says:

yes to the shirt!

Kaotica says:

U talk about ur shirt for 1/3 of the video -.-

Ray’s Fish Room says:

Yes I would buy a shirt

Maxine’s 2 aquariums says:

Trying to buy a good air pump in the UK is nearly impossible, I just put my fx4 outlet nozzles to the surface of the water works very well.

Charles Walls says:

yeah i travel with them all the time,

Life Happens says:

Awesome video, very informative!

ShOwMeUrTdS757 says:

Shirts would be awesome

Mikel Aquarium says:

I would rock a shirt

Jay Wilson says:

great stuff

Bass Player says:

My understanding is that air pumps do not increase the oxygen in a tank, it is said that it does let the water ‘gas off’ by interrupting the surface.
I only use air and a large sponge when I’m trying to cycle a tank, it seems to cycle faster than just the canister alone?
The glass lids are always harder to clean when I have air burst at the surface, it creates more of that stuff you have to scrape off with a razor blade.
I keep Discus and Flowerhorns…

jon james says:

I would love one but I am in the EU, so hopefully in the future

matt renaud says:

yes I would like to buy a t shirt I I’m in Canada

David Lieberman says:

Yes on t-shirt xl. 🙂

Lflower1 Stars says:

I used sponge filters and a hang filter on my tanks….also always used a air filter for connecting diffusers and air stones to help promote oxygen and to move heat around tank.

Denny's Aquatics says:

Hey Zenzo, I enjoyed this video; it was very informative. I see newer hobbyists ask all the time on our group page, as well as a others. I am not currently using any air pumps on my two tanks, but I am certainly not opposed to using them. I have a sump with an additional canister filter that I feel is more than adequate at this time. I just prefer to obtain surface agitation through those means. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this video.

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