EcoPlus Commercial Air 1 Review

EcoPlus Commercial Air 1 product review. This is a super good air pump! There’s no diaphragm to replace like there is with some other pumps. It’s been going strong for years 🙂

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WisconsinEric says:

I use this same air pump for brewing 5 gallon batches of compost tea, although this pump suposedly moves enough air to brew 10 gallons…….so the pros say.

Kind of funny how everyone on YT uses little tiny fish tank air pumps to brew their batches of unsafe compost tea.

E. Coli is just one example of a anaerobic bacteria, and that should be reason enough to make sure high levals of dissolved oxygen are achieved that prevent the growth of anaerobic bacteria.

manny6584 says:

i just purchased one and stuck it under my aquarium with the doors shut i dont here it at all.

Vit Loc says:

hi would it be good for a 125 gallon aquarium, how many air stones can i place? 

Truth Seeker says:

just bought it for the same thing…. what diffuser are you using and is it working? tks

Pissed Off Papa says:

Old video I know but one question, what is the size of the pump? currently looking at a ecoplus 793gph.
funny thing is on amazon people are bitching about the noise and yours seems real quiet.

Erick Jamieson says:

Sweet! I just bought one with metal air deviders for aquapolics. I’m now rocking it with this amazing red frog air infuser. Thanks for sharing your testimonial.

Enrique Goitia says:

Could you download a db meter app and tell me how much noise this produces pls. Silence is key but so is strength for me. I need to run about 7 air stones.

Ronneil Camara says:

I have the same air pump. I used it 5 years ago. Today, I used it, it wasn’t bubbling well. I opened it and fixed the circle rubber. I also put a grease on the valve. It’s working great again! I’m creating an aerated compost tea.

Truth Seeker says:

thanks for the info!… looking forward to using it soon.

Enrique Goitia says:

is it very noisy??? for an indoor use?

iinRez says:

Hello, thank you for your review. What sized diffuser stones were you using?

Roger Loper says:

Is the same pump still running as of Mid 2013?

WisconsinEric says:

I use a large double sized Micropore diffuser for tea. I also removed the brass nipple on the pump that the hose attaches to… it is threaded and can be removed with a wrench.

That threaded brass nipple really reduces airflow, when you remove it you can attach a larger diameter hose over the pump where the nipple was, a small zip tie helps keep it in place, but is not needed.

This larger hose combined with the removal of the brass part really increases airflow… but maybe noise too.

Fusion Pieri says:

Hello, will you tell me if there is a way to adjust the air flow, to a lesser degree ? What is the hole, in the round end for ? Thank You.

jose carlos suarez says:

thank, very much for you reviews ..

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