Fluval Q1 Unboxing AND Review | Is this Aquarium Air Pump Worth It?

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Picked up my thrid Fluval Q1 today. Many thanks to Matthew Moore on the MAC group for sharing the sale, paid $19 after taxes for this $34 air pump.

Hope this unboxing and review was helpful, ive had these for a while so feel free to ask any questions and i will reply to the best of my knowledge.

First video where i show my face, glad to meet you guys finally and now you can put a face to the name. As always thank you for watching.


David's Fish Tanks says:

I have on it works great using it on my 20 gallon .

Adam C says:

I have 3 of them, I like them. on the downside I have noticed after about 6 months that upon restarting them after a water change they are very loud for like 10 minutes

The Fishy Life ! says:

yeah, Ive used all different kinds of Aquarium products and I will go as far to say , Anything that’s “fluval” is quality and well worth the money! I’m not endorsed by them in any way ,just a fishkeeper.. although they did send me some free fish food once.. LoL✌️

Aquatics And furries says:

I have this on my 75g corner and never had a problem with it, fairly quiet to

DebTim A CANADIAN Girl says:

Hi George.. I have a few of those pumps and am quite happy with them for my little fish room. I use a hydroponic pump for my show tanks that I got on amazon. I love it!! Great job on the unboxing and review!! =D♥♥♥

dbachelor's Planted Aquarium says:

love the way it looks!

Matthew Moore says:

Sweet I see these a lot at Petsmart. I’m so used to tetra 100’s

Unconventional Aquatics says:

great video brotha! thanks for sharing

electric water says:

Hope they go well for you nver had fluva tbh

Sherry Swinney says:

Great review.  Thank you for sharing.   It is very useful.

Libertybell Cichlids says:

I use them they are good nice video

River Life says:

Good job – I like my Fluval air pump. New subscriber.

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