Fluval Q2 Air Pump Review



MyView 10.75.69 says:

Thats crazy bro, as big as it is i though it would have multiple outlets. seems like a huge pump to run just one sponge filter.

Reggie's H&P Cichlids says:

Good vid & Info bro.

Efrain's Cichlids says:

great video, thanks for sharing, nice puma shirts lol

G Dee Cichlids says:

Hmm interesting. Never heard of this product. Going to look into it. Thx for the info. Tank on my friend.

JC malawi fish says:

I will definitely take a look on that air pump , the 1 I have is too noisy!! time to replace it.. thanks for sharing.

David's Fish Tanks says:

I like it sir I use a older one !!

Ryes says:

Just got the q1 and q2 for free, now to find something to do with them hmm

Dwain Kitchel says:

Abel need to get it off the rug, going to pull rug fibers to the air filter and may over heat there because of no air flow underneath?

D.P.K. Fish Aquariums says:

I have a fluval air pump I had it 6 years now and works really good in my 55 gallon tall corner tank and so far works good in deep tanks to great video review Abel keep up with the awesome job u do and glad to see u doing better with ur back

T-Man says:

good stuff Abel, how long have u been using it???

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