Fluval Q2 Review Air Pump Q1 and Q3 Series

https://amzn.to/2rV1sHN – These pumps are super quite and one of the best sellers of today. They also have an adjustable dial WHICH HELPS! Here is an amazon link:

Fluval Q2 Pump: https://amzn.to/2rV1sHN

My honest review on the fluval Air Pump Q2 series. They also have the fluval Q1 and fluval Q3 too.

More topics: Do you have established tanks right now? Sadly not at the moment. We just had a big power outage because of the storms from the hurricane and I lost almost everything I had. I told my grandma to pull the filters and she pulled the whole thing… didnt put it in water. I’m at a loss with everything lol all my little fish are in buckets until I can get tanks set up. (Currently)

So I did a cleaning a little while ago and did a 50% water change because my tank was really green but now my tank is very cloudy I’ve put water conditioner in it. Any idea what I do. The other day I removed a plant twice and disturbed the water… gave it several hours and it cleared up… don’t know how new your tank is, are your water parameters good— or were they before water change? Good working filter?

It’s a couple months old but this is the first water changed I’ve done and it’s because my tank was green from all the algae. Hey you really need to get an api master freshwater test kit… you should have cycled your tank…that would give you an idea where your tank is, ammonia, etc….. I’m new since March… but that is one of the first things I’ve learned…

Hey, anyone that has gold fish… I need to keep my tank cooler (It’s almost at 80 F)… what do you guys recommend? I looked on Amazon and have just found aquarium cooling fans. How well do those work? FYI: I have one fantail and one sassafras comet.

How long have you been keeping Gold fish? I had one pass away today, I think it was getting sick anyway, but I wonder if with the weather getting warmer maybe that had something to do with his passing. when I was younger I’ve kept them as feeder fish and the ones there able to out smart my turtle would live forever they got too big and I had to get rid of them.

Need some help plz.
I got the juwel 70L tank and my light is gone into my other fishtank. I got puffers in there and I realised that as soon as its not much light they go down and sleep. (Though they were dead)😡 so i need to buy a new light but wanna see if i should buy the warm white or the brighter normal one. Can i see pictures please. Cuse i dont want them to have way too much light as well but just to have enough. Or get a small bubble led bar. Help plz

I really need a second opinion… I have a 30 gallon betta sorority tank. I got them delivered on friday. Some torn fins I figured they fought in the bag. On monday 1 died. I did 30% water change and the fish were stressed so I started to add melafix and removed my carbon filter. And have been adding melafix everyday. Today is day 4 and I came home to 4 dead. I did another 30% water change and still adding melafix. Do you guys have any other suggestions?should I do 30% water change everyday?

I got it second hand. Used their gravel and then waited 3 months before adding 4 snails and 4 corys. Then another month later I ordered the 10 bettas incase some were DOA. The bettas never seemed to chase each other either they had their own spots and the cories and snails have continued to thrive.

I should have known. The supplier said they might not ship because their female bettas were being treated. I said I could wait but they got shipped. Many people consider Melafix to be toxic to labyrinth fish like Bettas… I have read where some people claim to have used it with no problem, however it’s highly argued over. If I were you I would google “Melafix and Labyrinth Fish” and read for yourself.
I had been treating my community tank with Melafix when my previously healthy Golden Gourami (they also have a Labyrinth organ) suddenly began swimming erratically and then died😞 That’s when I learned about the potential dangers of Melafix. Sorry about your fishies! Good luck!

Well my gourami have had babies. I’ve moved my females out (to stop the eating of the fry) papa fish is doing a great job taking care of his babies, my question is how long till they get big enough I can get rid of them? I love my fish, but know my tank limit. I know it takes up to 2 years to be an adult, but how long till atleast guppie size and I can take them to the local pet shop to find a forever home.

Excuse the language,
But can someone please tell me what’s going on here ?
He’s been doing this for about 2 days now & he’s been chilling diagonally too.
He’s an apricot paradise.

Fluval Q2 air pump review


Heather Lovejoy says:

I went with your advice a purchased the Fluval q1, it is loud which doesn’t bother me because it’s in my daycare which is in the basment, what bothers me Isi have it running a small sponge filter in a 45 gallon another smal sponge filter in a 5 gallon, and an air stone in another 5 gallon, and that’s all I can get out of it which I don’t the no is much at all, I really want to put a bubbler stone in my 45, but I just can’t get it to put enough air to all, do you have any suggestions?

HeatedHead says:

Sooo got a BEAUTIFUL oscar a week ago about 3 in then… i swear this thing is growing like crazy! Im worried about starving it but also i dont wanna over feed? P.s im not a noob about tank size. But its diet is very confusing. I feed two times 9 a.m and 5 p.m pinch of pellets and a little bit of frozen brine shrimp

Fish R Relaxing says:

Tetra whispers have adjustable air dual outputs as well. My whisper 60 is quieter and outputs more air then my q2. The q2 is in the closet sitting in a box and I don’t need foam under my whisper for noise. It sits on a shelf in the cabinet under my tank and when the door is closed I don’t here it at all. The whisper and q2 are the same size, rated for the same output even though the q2 box over states the size tank it’s good for and I’ve run both side by side and the whisper is hands down much quieter. The fluval has a weird vibration the reverbs through the feet on the unit because of how the air is pumped. That’s why you need foam under it to silence it. Get it close to something and it will vibrate off it and be super loud. I can sit things on top of my whisper and it never makes a noise. Dollar per dollar the whisper is hands down the best air pump around. There are quieter ones out there.. there are ones that pump more air. But best all around for money spent the whispers win.

Debra Cook says:

Please show how to change the diaphragm in the Q1. Mine is not putting out very much air flow and make a lot of noise if I use both air nozzles.

Ed Montoya 500 Gal African Cichlid adventures/diary says:

I purchased two air pumps for my 500 gallon aquarium and 288 gallon wet dry sump that has a K-1 Kaldnes moving bed actually there’s two of them because the Towers for the wet dry or on each end the leading towards the center return so the next would be multiple different kinds of submerged media, underneath both towers, then each k-1 Kaldnes well be powered byAP 60 Pond master air pump that will have one line leading into each tower to supercharge the American made polyurethane bio balls for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and also the moving bed K one will be lots of oxygen and movement from the air pump, have you had a chance to look at my channel and subscribe back, The part one part two part three part four part five of my recent trip to the builder clear fabrications in Seattle Jason Gregory who did aquarium co-ops 800 gallon aquarium for Corey I got the same builder but please look at my videos of just at least part one which is about nine minutes long that’s why there’s part five casa because there was too much information so anyhow let me know if you review my videos it’s about two or three weeks ago, have a good night and communicate with me please edmontoyatrucker@gmail.com

John M says:

I haven’t tried the Fluval but I have multiple Tetra Whispers. As you stated it may need something underneath them to cut the vibration. I found that the Diversitech MP4-E E.V.A. Anti Vibration Pads work super great for these air pumps. They can be bought on Amazon. And I also use the Silicone Vibration Silencer under my SunSun canister filter that is also fantastic. These can be bought from Bulk Reef Supply, who I must also commend for their great customer service.

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