Is this the Quietest Aquarium Air Pump?

Recently an aquarium air pump manufacturer reached out to me to to ask if I would be interested in testing their air pump, which they claim to be the quietest on the market.

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aaron willmott says:

Not a good pump really then tbh I wouldn’t get that. Not water proof and sits on the side of the tank what a joke. Most of the time you will hear a filter going or surface movement so barely notice them anyway

Veronica V says:

Saw those pumps on Amazon and wondered how quiet are they, thanks for testing it out!

Flynn's Fish Forum says:

Great job! I got sent one of these too, and I enjoyed the pump.

Ed Montoya,Malawi,African,cichlids,adventures/DIARY says:

I purchased two AP 60 Pond master air pumps for the 288 down south that is built for my 500 gallon custom acrylic aquarium being built by clear fabrications in Seattle Jason Gregory the builder,, that will be set up mid June, I need it powerful air pumps for the 2 K-1 Kaldnes Chambers to spend that media and also we’re running an airline into the both of those Bio ball towers to supercharge with oxygen for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria growth in those 25 gallons of American made polyurethane bio balls towers,, so my question to you is are you familiar with those air pumps that I purchased and what do you think about them because I obviously have not used them yet if you check out my channel part one of a five-part series it’s posted from my visit last Friday to the builder you might know him because he did aquarium co-ops 800 gallon aquarium and stand up for Cory,, but if you take the time to look at my channel and the part one shows my sump,, hide be really happy to get feedback from you with all your experience and the respect I have for your knowledge and expertise to hear what you think about what I’m dealing with just be awesome anyhow my email is

Michael Furburger says:

Referred by v. Stag’s vid. New viewer here.

Catfish Cave says:

I just started using the Danner Aqua-Supreme pumps in my 180g to power airstones – adjustable output with a large dial, and plenty of flow at 24″ depth. Cheap too! Only been running for a few months, so we’ll see about longevity.
Maybe do a comparison between air pumps in the same conditions – your favorite, the most popular, and then this product and whatever else you want to try. You can use them all as benchmarks for future videos. (and to really give people an idea on the power of central air units, use your room unit in the test. Brand A did 4 airstones at 16″, Brand B did 5, Brand C did 4 and my central unit did 96) You could also compare them at different depths.)

Alex Royster says:

Thanks for the video! That vibration part is nice, I feel like the standard pumps vibration reverberating against whatever it sits on creates the majority of the noise. Agree on the office setup, might also be good on my little plant growout tub to just add some circulation without a lot of noise. You should post a video about what happens when you spill water on it! Been really enjoying your content tons of great info in a very easy to understand format.

Carlos Gutierrez says:

Good video I’m in the market for one

Janet Whittenburg-batchelor says:

I could hear the pump even while you were talking. Good job

Allison Stenbeck says:

I own 2 of these, and I run sponge filters with mine. I have the smallest model. I am running a compartment sponge filter in a 10 g tank, and I also have one running a dual head sponge filter in a 55g tank. Lots of airflow. What I did notice was that the air stone provided didn’t allow much airflow. Also using their flexible airline tubing kinks rather easily. So using a stiffer tubing works better.

These are the quietest pumps I have owned for sure.

The cord is an issue. It is very short. So that is definitely a negative aspect.

V. Stag says:

Great review Awesome video Thanks for sharing #FishFam #NJAE18

Kasandra Hawk says:

All of your vids are so helpful…. air pump review was great, would love to see more air pump/filter reviews in future, esp. as it pertains to quietness…. thx so much for your dedication…

phil emerson - Soapbox Debris says:

great review….

Denny's Aquatics says:

Hey Zenzo, great job with the pump and video. I will say that based on what I see and hear, I’m not very impressed with it. I probably would never purchase an air pump that won’t run a sponge filter, unless they manufacture larger pumps. So far,Eheim or Fusion are my go to pumps. Thanks very much for sharing

Jay Wilson says:

same email i have a few from them but it is so tiny and designed for a 30 gallon or less good stuff!

The Other BOB aka Bob Caylor says:

I often wonder what the noise pollution for fish inside the tank is. Especially seeing vids with loud music, TV, barking dogs, etc. I wonder if the fact that it is attached to the tank diffuses noise into the water?

It does save counter space. Nice product review. Thanks.

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