Jeff Doin’ Stuff – Aquarium Air Pump Review

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In this review, I test 5 different aquarium air pumps (between $29 and $56). My goal here was to determine which pump operates with the least amount of noise. If you don’t want to wait for the end of the video, I’ll just tell you that Hands Down, the Eheim 100 was the most silent. Possibly the least powerful of the group, but for my needs, more than powerful enough and super quiet! Here’s a list of the pumps I tested and the links to buy them on Thanks for watching and please feel free to comment and “like” my video.

Quietest: Eheim 100 ($55.95 CND)

Best Value: Danner Supreme Oxy-Flo AP-4 ($29.66) (

Most powerful: Tetra 77854 Whisper Air Pump, 60 Gallon ($28.16)

Almost as powerful and adjustable: Fluval Q2 ($38.35)

Last place: Aqua Active AAPA7.8L ($30.54)


Chicago Papi says:

Hi Jeff, review nicely done.

Roberto Dela Cruz says:

Air pumps are way too noisy as hell and not necessary but cheaper specially if you are using a sponge filter. If you are using a water pump for your water filter, just allow the water to splash down to agitate the water and cause bubbles in the water. If you are using a hang-on back filter, the surface agitation is sufficient enough. If your using over the top filter, just remove the nose to get higher elevation hence better water agitation. Use common sense for other kinds of filter.

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