Large Aquarium Air Pump EBay Review – Terrible – Buy this pump instead. They sell them with 8 air outlets which is A LOT!

Active Aqua Air Pump:

These vivosun commercial air pumps are garbage.

I got my for betta when I was 9. I had him for 5 years before he died. I have loved all creatures, finned, feathered and furry for as long as I can remember so far I have not had much luck with betta I got 2 last year and both ended up getting sick, we never figured out why or what caused it. But I hope to be able to have more bettas in the future. And keep them for many years.

They are Beautiful and just like Popcorn you just can’t have one . I had one when I was a youngin , so I thought to myself why not ‘ they have a calming effect after a stressful day at work. I absolutely love my fish tanks. They are so relaxing. My husband and I started betta “collecting” because he started faniting and they hypothesized it was due to stress. The fish tanks help us relax and the bettas are beautiful!

It originally started with me being uneducated and rescuing 2 fish from a bad situation. A molly and a goldfish… The people at petsmart told us the molly would do well in a 5gallon and goldie would do well in a 10gallon. Unfortunately, Molly didn’t make it and thanks to Facebook I found out goldie needed a huge tank. So we got her a 55gallon and had an empty 5 and 10 gallon so we got a betta for each tank. All 3 fish are thriving!

I got into Betta’s because I rescued mine from a Betta fighting ring at another college near where I was attending college as well and he has been with me ever since and I’ve adopted more and more because I just love their personalities. I got into bettas because I’ve always been a pet lover and as a little kid it was the only pet I was allowed to own lol but now I’m 23 and have nearly always had bettas and can’t get enough of them! Running out of room for tanks so I’m maxed out at about 3 at a time!

As i remember i watch one of nicholas cage movie and some part of a movie he is taking care of a betta and said that fish is hes best of friend..that is why like a loner guy i do the same thing to keep betta as a friend.. i maybe not a good keeper..but ill try the best i keep them as my fish of mind ^^ (peace of mind)and friend as well.. keep staring them make me feel..relieve..

I stay away from my parents for study. I live alone in my apartment so i was always bored. I wanted a pet but my house owner is against pets so i decided to buy something smaller. Since i live in a small apartment, the pet should not consume more space also it should be easier for me to carry it if i shift somewhere. As im a full time student i cant afford much. All these ended up in me deciding to buy a fish. Yes in a Fish Bowl. Later i wanted to know which fish suits best for a fish bowl. The answer! A betta! I was attracted by the personality and by the magnificent looks . Later i researched about betta and then i brought one. Couldn’t resist buying other 2. Currently two are living in 20 gallon tank (divided) and other in 2.5 g tank

My parents got my siblings some betta fish for Easter two years ago. I decided to research them and then fell in love with how colorful they are and their feisty personalities. I found a 2.5 gallon with all accessories at a local thrift store and decided to get a Betta b/c they seemed “easy” and “cheap” as far as fish go. I didn’t realize they had so much personality and have really Tried to educate myself. I now have Poe along with snail friends Mary Shelly and Percy in a 10 gallon.

Our dog went missing about 1.5 years ago. Lately my 5 year old has been talking about her and how she misses her. They recently celebrated 100 days of kindergarten and one of their projects was to draw and answer what they would buy with $100. She said she would buy a dog 😭 I wasn’t feeling up for a dog again so I settled on fish. I’ve always had an interest in bettas as fish so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go for it.

First betta – Spontaneous purchase. No reason aside from he caught my eye. The next, 20 years later, for the same reason! Love their dramatic personalities. My daughter (11) got us hooked on bettas . She is usually picking the sickest betta in store now and we are trying to make it better. Our recent rescue is a one eye female half moon.

My 5yo wanted a hamster and the betta was our compromise. By the time it was all said and done, he was MY betta and when he jumped ship and died, I was so upset, I got another one.


Jim Hanley says:

I use 2 of them for the bait tanks for my fishing business. Used outside they work ok but do make a lot of noise.


I purchased one and it actually lasted 30 minutes and died lol

FRid_82 -_ says:

If you do not want it send it to me i will take it. i have had one for years keep it in out in the open can even put a little fan on it to help with cooling . will over heat if you restrict the air flow too much use a blow by

Jay Pray says:

I’ve had 1 for about 2yrs now and run it 24/7 and have 0 problems with it. The monster pushes 4 8″ air stones and a 12″ bar. It does get a little hot but I run a small fan on it.

Hangery says:

Make an Bucktooth tetra care guide

Dean Longden says:

Hey! I have 2 mollies, 2 neon tetras and one rosy tetra as well as a elephant ear Siamese fighter fish

The male molly keeps going for the Betta do you suggest I remove him?

Michael aquarium says:

It looks like an ugly piece of crap

Fair nBalanced says:

Active Aqua (Hydrofarm) also makes a “commercial” air pump that looks identical to your Vivosun….wonder if they’re the same just branded differently HAAAAA

The Best Stooge says:

I used mine for a total of less than 24 hours and it had a mechanical break down. I took it apart and cleaned everything but it didn’t help. What it does is it starts off slow with little air pressure, and speed, then kicks into the proper pressure and speed. Total crapola.

edit: Oh, and the Active Aqua you link to is bad for the purpose most people buy the other pumps for and that is 1 outlet that a 1/4in hose can connect to for laser engraving/cutting air assist.

B W says:

The Hydrofarm Active Aqua 8 outlet pump that you recommend in the description is 12W but only 400gph. The $35 Vivosun pushes 950gph at 32W (29.7gph/watt) versus the Hydrofarm’s 33.3gph/watt. To obtain a similar output to the Vivosun, you’d have to purchase at least two of the 8 outlet Hydrofarm pumps, costing an extra $40 over the single Vivosun commercial. On max output settings and running 24/7, the combined 12W+12W (24W total) Hydrofarm pumps would only save 5.8kWh of electricity per month over the 32W Vivosun. Even at the high price of $0.25/kWh, that’s only a savings of $1.50 per month.

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