Marina 100 Air Pump VS Tetra Whisper 40 Air Pump

Performance review on 2 air pumps head to head


Richard Batsbak says:

i have the marina 75 i think its way to loud and produces to much water movement i see my fish becoming a bit funny in the head

Муравушка says:

Hello, can you tell me please what is the Best airpump: tetra 100 or marina 100… Seems they are very similar, but im quite novice and dont want waste money. Thanks a lot for youre reviews! Theyre very helpful

Brian and Xman's Aquariums says:

good vid. i picked up the aqua culture air pump from Walmart too. another channel mentioned them and said it worked fine. im going to try it out on my 40g whenever I get that set-up

MyView 10.75.69 says:

Hahahah i like the way the tetra whisper knocked the marina one out your hand :p Good video bro i think the Tetra is worth the extra cash. Now run em both and let us know which one dies out first.

James Mcdade says:

Another important thing about airpumps is the noise they make. Some are very loud. Judging by its name I guess the Tetra won tthat also 😉


I got a couple of them n they really good.. Very quiet.. Nice vid man..

AmericaThe Beautiful! ___ says:

which one is quieter ???

Odannyb0i says:

i have a 30 gallon and i have 2 fancy goldfishes in there, should i get a 40 or the 60 air pump?

big j Aquatics&Vape says:

did you sub yet lol

Mike ANGEL says:

I like the Tetra whisper I got the one for 75 gallons of 55 gallon

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