Mylivell Air Pump Review

In this video, I review an air pump sent to me by the Amazon store Mylivell, located in China. Enjoy the video!

Here is the link to the product if you wish to purchase it.

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Stephen FitzGerald says:

That is pretty amazing considering its size. Good review Flynn and Happy New Year.

VB 23 says:

Vy Boi is everywhere!

Stephen FitzGerald says:

Thanks Flynn, my whisper 40 burned out and was only 14 months old so I was on Amazon shopping for a new one. Seeing this pump U remembered you texted it, thanks for the imput.

BoJo Ford says:

Do you think you could use it on a small sponge filter?

Down the Worm Hole says:

interesting review, thanks. it is soooo small!

Candi Overhuls says:

I like the small size, thanks for the review.

JPack 95 says:

Is this a filter?

Cypress Guppies says:

great review

Darryn Beverly says:

Like our honest thanks

KG cichlids says:

That’s a tiny pump.

Corona Ken says:

For $17 it sounds reasonable. I think you gave it a fair review. Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family.

Michelle Angel says:

Thank you for sharing Flynn! Your tanks look so nice!

Ravi Aquarium says:

Nice air pump.

Sam Melyanets says:

Cool pump!

dbachelor's Planted Aquarium says:

love the betta at the back… 😀 great pump indeed!

Prime Time Aquatics says:

That is a tiny pump! :  -) I think you were on the right track – seems decent for a 10ish gallon?

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