New Fish Room Air Pump!

I recently purchased a new linear piston air pump to run my fishroom. In this video I talk about the differences between this pump and my old pump and whether the change was worth it.

Laguna 45 Air Pump

Medo LA-45 Piston Air Pump

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FishDad1 Chad H says:

Great deal Steve

stephen ball says:

Steve wanted to let you know how inspiring your channel has been to me.I hope I can get to your level one day. I currently have a 55 gallon African cichlid tank with 12 fish in it. And I cant wait to get MORE.

jhgannon1 says:

I have a few Medo as well as an Alita. The cover is primarily used for outdoor applications. It can be removed which will disperse the heat.

Raheel Ahmad says:

Sir my aquariam size is 8ft ×1ft× 24inch me install jebo825 model .give the it’s ideal size to work my aquariam water.reply

Dave OG Miles says:

thats a big pump

stephen ball says:

Steve if I could just ask one more question going to make a multiple tank purchase from a guy on Craigslist any tips on what to look for when buying used tanks

Reggie's H&P Cichlids says:

Nice upgrade!

Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More says:

How many outlets are you roughly running?

Danny's Aquariums says:

Great video again Steve!
That airpump looks awesome!
*_Keep up the good work and thumbs up!_*

wichid cichlid says:

yeah it’s nicer but I can’t find these medo pumps under 200$!!!!

jared martin says:

steve- if I have a 75 gallon cichlid tank running 2 spung filters. How big should my air pump be for proper filtration?

Floyd Conrad says:

nice upgrade Steve good review

PsychedelicBabe says:

Nice new buy Steve and now I have seen the wife I can see her secretly smiling now because that damn noise downstairs has stopped hahahaha

Matthew Smith says:

Hey if made fish food like shrimp fish carrots and peas could I feed it to my African cichlids

Todd T says:

I have that same kilowatt meter, my wife thought that my aquarium was using too much power, I proved her wrong with that meter about $5 a month

chndranrchy guppy says:

hii,, would you like to help me
to choosen which air pump should i bought.

i want to build fish room with 52 tank breeding guppies
dimension tank is 25*40*30
water level tank is 25*40*25
1 rack with 4 shaft (12 tank * 4 shaft)
im gonna using full undergravel filter

what a spec air pump base on you suggestion,
thank you 🙂

Adam C says:

nice pickup Steve

Stevo Hoppa says:

Steve, at what point do you think it’s worth upgrading to a larger single pump to run all your air systems? For example, I am running 7-8 sponge filters plus several breeder boxes and an egg tumbler. All of these are running from a handful of Whisper pumps.
They’re loud, but I can deal with a certain amount of noise. I’m more concerned with efficiency. So, for running 8-12 air driven systems, what would you do?

Maximus Aquatics says:

Nice upgrade! I’ll give ya ten bucks for that old rattle box….lol.

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