Quiet Air Pump Comparison Test Who makes a quiet air pump?Eheim, Whisper, Aquatop, Finnex Air Pumps

In this video, I test the sound of quiet air pumps – the Eheim 400 Air Pump, Aquatop Ap-100 Air Pump, Finnex P9000 Air Pump and the Whisper 100. The Eheim 400 is the most quiet by quite a bit. I recommend this pump if looking for the most quiet air pump.

Eheim Air Pumps: http://amzn.to/1QDjUMx
Aquatop Air Pumps: http://amzn.to/1R2flqW
Tetra Whisper Air Pump: http://amzn.to/1R2fvi1
Finnex P900 Air Pump: http://amzn.to/1QDk9Y0

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Dexter's World says:

Now, which one was the most powerful?? I wish I could have seen each pumps performance in the actual stock pond as I need to find one for this size pond.. Which one do you reccomend??

Blue Marble says:

All air pumps are incredibly noisy, even the very small Tetra Whisper 10 gallons make 10 times more noise than my 300 gph canister !!!

merritt lyon says:

Looking for an air pump. My money goes to Eheim.

rayzimmermin says:

biggest thing to remember is air pumps should not be rated at gallon size but tank depth because your not pumping against all the water in the tank but against the pull of gravity on the water above your air stone

so you don’t always need the biggest one

2DebbieDoo says:

THANKS CORY!! This is just what I was looking for! Take good care of you and yours.

Lee Rose says:

should off tested fluval one

Fridskans says:

And mind that db has a logarithmic scale.

HamsterLuv7777 says:

For me I think there is a difference in the type of sound that the air pumps have. I prefer the Whisper pump of the cheaper ones because it has a lower sounding hum rather than a higher pitched hum which I find more annoying. I have a whisper and it has been acceptable. I have been looking to upgrade to a two outlet pump and I was looking at getting an Eheim, so I appreciate this comparison video.

jannis kieweg says:

German Quality (Eheim) for the Win !!!

Chris Nochance says:

You should redo this with the piston pumps you have?


Man I love this guy he is probably one of the most honest youtuber.

junito1957 says:

if it quiet its a junk pump and not putting alot of air , how making a video on pumps for fish rooms not for nano tanks

goodall1bay says:

Whisper was formerly made by interpret

Anonymous User says:

My dB is 82 with a new 20 year old Walmart brand pump that I just installed in a new tank.

Dr.Trollish says:

Yeah I have never met the air pump that didn’t annoy the heck out of me. The Whispres and Aquatops are noise makers for sure. But they do the job ok so that’s all that matters. You just get used to dealing with the noise.

Kevin Joseif says:

I have that last air pump from Eheim and it is amazing from all the ‘silent’ air pumps I ever had. On the right surface I cannot hear that air pump. I live in the quiet country side as well. I have had it for at least 8 months and its still quiet! I highly recommend it.

Bettalover says:

I want to set up a couple of tubs outside, which air pump do you suggest I should buy a fluval or top fin air pump, or do you guys suggest something else?

Fred Smith says:

remember the dB scale is a logarithmic scale not a linear one. (10*log ( p1/p2)) as has been said 3dB is half or double. 1dB is significant. 12dB is an huge difference!

Radim Nytl says:

No jo, ale takhle se decibely neměří. Jsou tam dvě chyby: 1) měří se na neutrální podložce, 2) ve vzdálenosti 1 metru.

George Dekker says:

Thanks for the comparison. Got the Eheim 400. It’s super quiet compared to the old two small ones I had! The only things that makes noise are the check valves.

michael nguyen says:

More videos like this please cory 🙂

Samuel Berry says:

Hi Cory love the videos and especially the podcasts your concentrating on, but would just like to point out that a difference of 10db is twice as loud, but that’s for the comparison

bill sandford says:

My whisper is super quiet I don’t even hear it

David Kent says:

I know this video is 2 years old. But, I didn’t notice an accurate comparison to noise reductionin the brief run through comments I viewed. 1st great review, but, 12db reduction in audio terms is significant. 3db change is noticeable to nearly all humans. 10db change equates to a 10x volume change. You’re 1/6th comparison is not accurate. So for at 3x the cost you get more than 10x the reduction in noise. Ehiem all the way IMO.

Jessica Cloud says:

Thanks for the reviews Cory!

Nihilistenthusiast says:

So I just have to follow the link from this video and you’ll get the commission?

Also, have you ever used any Fluval airpumps? Specifically the Q1 or Q2?

Rob Call says:

I have a very cheap Aqua Culture air pump that runs at around 58db as well. Seems that is the standard level to me.

Mripj says:

+Aquarium Co-Op I would really love to see the Hygger in this comparison! The only pump on all the web with perfect ratings all around. Just don’t have the ability to test them all in one place.

Uncle Terry says:

my Fusion model 300 is LOUD

General Chicken says:

What would be the most silent solution for pumping around 20-25 liters/min?
I currently have a Hailea V30 (30 l/min), but it sounds quite a bit since I have it in an apartment. Is there any more silent pump if I dont mind paying a bit more? Or is trying to build a sound isolation box the way to go?

raymond goodman says:

what if you put your airpump on a sponge so vibration is all but eliminated – probably a large source of noise…

urpoche says:

I loved Eheim, but they closed all regional offices for Eheim support and now Big Al’s has the monopoly on Eheim parts. They charge outrageous prices for parts now.

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