Quiet Air Pump Comparison Test Who makes a quiet air pump?Eheim, Whisper, Aquatop, Finnex Air Pumps

In this video, I test the sound of quiet air pumps – the Eheim 400 Air Pump, Aquatop Ap-100 Air Pump, Finnex P9000 Air Pump and the Whisper 100. The Eheim 400 is the most quiet by quite a bit. I recommend this pump if looking for the most quiet air pump.

Eheim Air Pumps: http://amzn.to/1QDjUMx
Aquatop Air Pumps: http://amzn.to/1R2flqW
Tetra Whisper Air Pump: http://amzn.to/1R2fvi1
Finnex P900 Air Pump: http://amzn.to/1QDk9Y0

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sasquatchlogan says:

i use marina air pumps and fusion air pumps my marina i use for my 20 gallon air filter sounds like a chainsaw at night but the one i use for my 30 gallon sponge filter isnt that bad

Mike E says:

fusion air pumps are a better pump than ehiem, last longer and way…way quieter!!!! and waaaaay cheaper!!!

The Fish Tank Guy 9057 says:

Thanks for the great video. Some good info here.

BolivianFishKeeper says:

I’m very please with Tetra whisper overall performance , but anything below the 150 series , breaks every 3 months or so. They are garbage . The 150 and 300 series are very good . I have about 9 of them, between the two models , and have been running for two years now with any issues .
The reason I like those because they are powerful as well , I keep them under the tank or cabinet, 36″ below the tank .power or pressure is just good . Another plus , they are quiet .

One more plus …you can buy replacements parts to easily replace the internal components .

I tried many fluval , aquatop, and others … All ended up going into the trash .

rayzimmermin says:

biggest thing to remember is air pumps should not be rated at gallon size but tank depth because your not pumping against all the water in the tank but against the pull of gravity on the water above your air stone

so you don’t always need the biggest one

bill sandford says:

My whisper is super quiet I don’t even hear it

Sarah Eddy says:

I have found that what size tank a pump “rates” itself appropriate for, is not always a good indicator of how much air it puts out. For instance that aPUMP Maxi that I made a video of comparing it to the Whisper 10, the aPUMP was rated for 60 gallons which was laughable since it put out less air than a pump rated for 10 gallons. Could you give the actual air stats on these pumps, if it is available on the packaging or somewhere, so I can use that to compare them as well? I got a Petco 9904 for the two 40 gallon breeders behind the couch in our living room, but I would be willing to spend whatever I need to (within reason) for the quietest pump.

Paul Sam says:

i have two tetra’s up to 40g and when u first put it on it’s a little loud not disturbing but u hear it. then after about 5 min u hardy hear anything. thanks for the review. i know this is a lottle older but u should do more reviews. hope the goldies are doing better. blacking looked bad hope he comes around.

HamsterLuv7777 says:

For me I think there is a difference in the type of sound that the air pumps have. I prefer the Whisper pump of the cheaper ones because it has a lower sounding hum rather than a higher pitched hum which I find more annoying. I have a whisper and it has been acceptable. I have been looking to upgrade to a two outlet pump and I was looking at getting an Eheim, so I appreciate this comparison video.

biggpapao says:

love your videos thanks for all the help. I’m setting up my fish room and will have about 15 – 20 tanks 29gal on the same shelving set up as your fish room.
Do you have a video on how to pick or size an air pump for a central air system?
this is where I’m stuck. thanks

aaaheim says:

Thanks for a great review on all these airpumps 🙂 I use a couple of eheims and one aquael oxypro and i must say eheim rocks!!!

Ned Lambton says:

thanks for this. Appreciated .

CR Alltech says:

I’ve had my whisper air pump for little over a year and is as quiet as when I bought it

Art Hunter says:

I’ve just bought the Fluval Q2 and it is disappointingly loud…I’m probably going to have to rig something up to house it in the cabinet so I can live with it…

Scott Adams says:

Nice Vid Cory. I love my Whisper pumps! They’re really quiet and I like the price point.

I also really don’t like the Eheim heaters. I don’t find the temp setting dial very intuitive at all…

George Dekker says:

Thanks for the comparison. Got the Eheim 400. It’s super quiet compared to the old two small ones I had! The only things that makes noise are the check valves.

KoolAid Killa says:

Cory u suck dick and look i a retard

Peter Lyck says:

We own the Eheim 200 (similar, just smaller), and all i can hear from the aquarium is the bubbles. But it happens that it gets at noisy in periods.We run the pump at the lowest settings.

Our local fishstore only sells Eheim, so we didn’t have much choice.

bilsob1 says:

I would like to know which pump you think has the most air power of the pumps you tested.

Mathijs Ootjers says:

there are some more quiet pumps like the Collar aPump Silent Aquarium Pump or the dutch version Superfish smart air 35

goodall1bay says:

Whisper was formerly made by interpret

Rev. Nyles says:

Another real world review wish there was more like it.

pia a says:

Thank you Cory! I really appreciate your out front comparisons! I am just setting up a 55 gal and will have a sponge filter in addition to the HOB. The sponge filters have been added to my two previous tanks based on your video with Lamont.

Ebay Guru says:

great idea great video and thank you.. please do one on nano tanks be cheaper and lets face it.. nanos are getting popular ;o)

Mike Carr says:

Cory I’m running a 55 gallon community tank ….what kind of filter would you recommend other than a sponge filter for this setup, also is a 55 to small to run a canister filter???

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