Quietest Aquarium Pump Ever

After a 1-Year hiatus, where he moved from New York to SW Florida, Dave Palumbo returns with a product review–The Quietest Air Pump ever sold. Even though he was forced to sell his Monster Fish Tanks prior to the move, the wheels are already turning as to what the next great tank might be.

If you’re interested in purchasing the “Quietest Aquarium Pump” check it out here:

http://amzla.com/ure3248r8xgk USA link

Germany link1

France link 1


Orion Fishing says:

Upload more boi

Olly Brades says:

Definitely buy a arowana and a pacunwith a ghost knife fish

XenomorphLV426 says:

He’s back

WesleyAPEX says:


weirdo weird says:


Bio Diferenciado Pr says:

GO brazil hahaaha +1sub

Paul Needham says:

Welcome back i cant wait to see your new projects. I miss the Monster Fish Tank feeding

keyon sylvester says:

You mean you move from New York to Florida

Zachary Brown says:


Legend Monstar says:

Yes your back…you should get a peacock bass

Shubham Chaudhari says:

I was really waiting for your video. But I expected monster tank video… 🙁

brother blood says:

Ur mum

frenchydal says:

Glad you’re back, brother!

Raj Rane says:

sir please translate in hindi

Sergio G says:

This isn’t no monster fish tank no more


Must have monster tanks when living in Florida! Free fishes from the canals too. Jk!

Ismaeel Mohammad says:

Long time no see?

T- 800 says:

I bought that shirt on Amazon in grey,. Black is better but not available. ☹️

Mya8D says:

Goldfish bowl? Are you kidding me?! Please address that in a different video explaining that keeping a goldfish in a bowl is not okay!!

Lab Lag says:

Man where had you been

Sferten K says:

Good to see you are doing videos again! 🙂

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