Tetra 10-30 WHISPER Aquarium Air Pump Opening and Review

I open and try out this WHISPER 10-30 aquarium air Pump.
Bottom Line. It’s SUPER QUIET.
Very nice, affordable air pump.


garvoi says:

Can this lift water to a height of 10 feet?  I wanted it to pump water from my sump pump which is always filling up. Sump pumps are really noisy at night

JD key says:

Thanks, though it would be nice to see it pumping.

Eres Gyaru says:

I can’t hear it cuz my pump’s too loud….

Yodaismycopilot says:

I don’t see this product on their website. I see a “Whisper” 10, 20, 40, 60, 100, 150, and 300. But not a “10-30.” And they appear to be blue in color. Is the one in the video a slightly older model? I am impressed with the quietness of the model in the video, and was trying to find the exact model. Thanks for any advice! Good video, by the way!

levani sokhadze says:

Tetra Whisper Air Pump 220volt working ?

Kanspam Un says:

Yeah but didn’t come with any tube though!

Lavre says:

Now this was really usefull. Thanx.

thisguy177 says:

i think ill invest in one of these i just wish it had 2 outlets instead of just 1. i like to set up many decorations and run air thru them. but you can always get a splitter and go to 2 air stones for a buck or two anyways.

Jaspreet Gill says:

what is the flow rate of this pump?

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