Tetra APS 150 Air Pump Review


nurhabibi46 says:

Arme Betta Splendens und armer Neonfisch!

ANDREW J says:

When I put the pump on a large, resonant surface, the noise can be very loud. I’ve placed it now on my windowsill and I actually cannot hear it over the noise of the bubbles

Miki Gligorijevic says:

Hello, Im forced to put this pump some 10m from aquarium. do u think it will work fine?

Alex G. says:

that water agitation might be pissing off your Betta. looks nice though.


it’s impossible;e for the betta to make a nest (which he WANTS to do) because of all the surface agitation. but most importantly, bettas like to rest sometimes near the top of water. i use a couple super soft suction cup betta plants at the top, and mine sleeps there at night.you NEED to provide him with a “resting” spot

Deli S says:

Thank you for the review! I bought this model after watching this as my current pump is to weak for my 14 inch bubble wall.

Tiger O'Sullivan says:

Hey man have you compared this to the aps 50 on noise level? I bought the 400, way too loud. Was thinking of getting this and if it’s the same as the 50 will definitely be worth it.

Noxa nebulous says:

I have 240 litre tank with aps 300 air pum

Noxa nebulous says:


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