Tetra Whisper Air Pump 100 Review. Best air pump?

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Today I review the Tetra Whisper Air Pump 100. I’d say it has good flow and average loudness. It’s been around for a long time and I don’t see any reason it won’t be in the future. A solid air pump for the $20 range.


Buddy Mayfield says:

if you have a cargo largo nearby you may be able to get one for $5 like I can, I just don’t like that air pump

King Waltz says:

You should do a giveaway on this!

Chloe X X X says:

Love these reviews! You are very honest

Dee From Brooklyn says:

good review but i wonder how it does with multiple air stones. .

NYCity Cichlids says:

Good review. I have been successful using this air pump. And it’s quiet and strong for me.

AQUA NUT says:

Yeah i need one of them flow meters now lol I am using them never cog air stones they work great after killing a few air pumps i wont go back. But yeah that is a pretty decent pump for the price. Thanks for sharing.

Mike Carr says:

Cory I’m sorry but you need to do something about the tank in your videos its kind of boring


I wonder if anyone has ever measured how much air they can pass with one of those air flow meters….they look almost purpose built for that..lol….sorry it was the first thing that popped in my head when you started talking about what it was..

Christopher Dixon says:

How do I repair mine?

Guppy Breeders says:

I have a suggestion if you have the time would you do a video on filter media I would like to make one of those diy fluidized bed filters like you have in some of your tanks and was wondering what the best media would be

Carl P says:

I believe that you are combining both outlets into one airline.What is the output for each outlet running separately.

Emmit Stewart says:

The next step might be to compare noise and airflow after six months of continuous running under a load.  I would get a new pump of each of the six most popular brands and set them up with an airstone apiece in an equal depth of water.  Test them for noise and airflow when new and once a month for six months.  Clean or replace the airstones after each testing to prevent clogged airstones from skewing the result.

Rennen S says:

i have one running my spongefilter

Patricia Falk says:

I use this exact same pump and I have a 140 gallon tank. It does a great job and seems very dependable. I like this brand anyway. I do think it is noisy. I have my aquarium down the basement under my tank; so I don’t care.

Tim Westlake says:

Mine lasted about 7 months before 1 side had no bubbles. Took it apart, and found all 4 of the valve discs had tears in them. The repair kit…$15….new pump…$20. Not a good deal replacing the pump every 7 months.

Jibraan Ali says:

will this work well with a 5 way gang valve?

Ebay Guru says:

bought 2 eheim air pumps based on your previous videos and they are QUALITY in this case its true what they say… you PAY for What YOU GET … I have 3 tetra air pump in the garage in box as back up now.. and love the fact that with the eheim you can adjust the flow on the pump with out adding a valve…. and also they include there own air stone to which is not a bad item either..

Damion Markham says:


ddknyc says:

Which flow meter do you have, where to get one from?

BolivianFishKeeper says:

This pump performs ok ,but doesn’t last that long . You would lucky if you get 6 months of use .

I have a pile of dead ones .actually . I use the 150 and 300 series , more money but better performance and longevity . Plus, you can buy rebuilt kits to address. Worn out diaphragms

Buddy Mayfield says:

those are worse than topfin air pumps.

Dave OG Miles says:

oh no too much buzzz

Old School Fish Guy says:

my favorite air pump is a used one that goes cheap and actually works 😉

Chao Vang says:

I purchased this same pump. The one that I got was a UL listed one. It was pretty loud. Not sure if I had a defective one, but Chewy.com refunded me, so it’s all good. Never use the pump since. I also have a 30-30-60 model and it is more than 50% quieter.

Mr. Fluffaluffagus says:

I’d like to see this compared to the Tetra deepwaters and Fluvals. Seems like they are the next level up without going too high in price.

Ebay Guru says:

Ps.. I so wish I was in Japan with you seeing all those Koi .. have a safe journey..

Freshwater Fix says:

If i dont care about loudness and all i care about is air flow and efficiency would you recommend the tetra 100 or the aqua top 100 or something else? thanks man

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