The quietest airpump ever? Uniclife airpump + Powkoo sponge filter unboxing

Hey everyone. I got a new air pump and sponge filter for my 20 gallon tank. These were a little pricey , but so far I am impressed. The Powkoo Double Super Biochemical Sponge Filter, has done a very good job at keeping my tank nice and clean. My angelfish pair seem to enjoy it very much. I also show how to set up these items. Hope you enjoy.


moussaemad says:

Interestingly, I’ve got the 2.5w single valve and the 4w double-valve ones. The latter is a lot quieter than the former, although the former is not as powerful.

Jairo Rodriguez says:

those are check valves keeps the water from going back into the pump you should connect them

Monkey Nut says:

Is the brand a good one.. made in China designed in China. Not that I’ve an issue with that so long as it’s CE certified.. uk safety standards…

Brinley Rebstein says:

hey nice video , you should put biological filtration media inside the green container spaces on your doulble sponge filter

itube141 says:

How well would this work for Betta fish? Will it create too much current in my 10 gallon tank?

rayzimmermin says:

ok you got a sponge filter to replace a sponge filter not producing bubbles

um the sponge filter is not what makes the bubbles the air pump and air atone are so maybe you have a clogged air stone or your air pump is going out so first start with the air stone then the air pump

also size of pump should be based on depth of tank not overall size deeper tanks need bigger pumps to pump past the weight of the water if your using to small of a pump for the depth of your tank you will burn it out

electric water says:

I’d be happy with that

aaaheim says:

for your information IF the pump has 2 outlets you have to connect an airtube to each one or you will destroy your pump… if you want only one tube you connect the 2 tubes into one by a connector!

Connor Winfield Aquatics says:

if you have a loud air pump put it on a sponge, just like a regular dish sponge and it should be relatively silent.

Monkey Nut says:

And a quiet pump..

Interpet nano aqua mini. I run 2. Lower flow but silent… been using for a year now

Itsjakelee Offensive says:

We’re you stoned when you made this video ?

The bit that you didn’t know what it was with the orange thing in it is a non return valve you need it in halfway between your airline so water don’t go in your air pump it only allows air to travel one way

Purple Love Betta says:

Those are aquarium check valves. It’ll prevent the water from flowing backwards into the air pump 🙂

Steven Vlogs says:

can this be used for a 10 gallon tank?

Danny's Aquariums says:

Great video MasterAquatics!!
The intro was funny! haha lol!
Looks like a nice airpump!
_Keep up the good work!_
*Thumbs up!*

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