Top Fin AIR-1000 Air Pump Review

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Matthew dimon says:

Nice video.

Ksnipe Gaming says:

very informational thank you very much.

Leyna Hans says:

Very nice video!!!  Excellent job!!

Olivia Hall says:

How can I turn the air pressure down?

Clorox Bleach says:

I’m thinking about getting into aquatics but I have only owned goldfish. Where should I start?

Jose Alonso says:

Nice, I just got that same volcano and pump for my first starting 10 gallon tank, what a coincidence haha. 

Keepskatin says:

I bought one but it died when I left it on my porch,maybe rain killed it.I have the 8000 from petsmart,but I’m returning one because it is weaker than my first 8000….kid.I pump water in a 4 foot garbage can to reduce and chloramine in my tap water.

Badandy538 says:

what’s with the dislikes? Good job kid. 

Jesse James says:

Awesome video dude 🙂

Daniel Lewis says:

It’s not obvious to me how it actually works. Does the entire pump housing fit into the tank? Or is a tube necessary to run from outside the tank? That kind of clarification would be useful.

hen peckedlizard gaming says:

50th like!!!!!!!

Jürgen Kaßnitz says:

Don`t ever place a air pump on the floor or on the carpet. This will ruin the pump because of all the dust and fluff that will be sucked in.
Throw away these ugly plastic “plants”. If you put real fast growing plants into your aquarium you don`t need air stones.

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