Top Fin air pump 8000, cheap aquarium fish tank pump

Top Fin air pump 8000, cheap aquarium fish tank pump. I picked this aquarium pump up about 1 month ago and decided to do a little review, after getting many questions as to how i get so much flow through my sponge filters. hope this review helps in your decision. Subscribe to my channel for more informational aquarium videos! Subscribe:

(couldnt locate the Top Fin brand pump when i went to get the link, but this is the off brand equivalent for $28) (affiliate)

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toycar foushboy says:

Great review! I have owned the 4000 version of this pump for about four years now and I can tell ya one thing to look out for, the filter on this guy can become very dirty and will discolor your air lines about a foot out from the pump. I need to make a new filter for mine soon, it’s starting to do it again. But even with that no reduction in air pressure. Keep on sharing on!

Raccoon Creek Aquatics says:

Nice video! Thanks for the info! I’ll keep it in mind!

A.C. Aquatics says:

Thanks for the review. Keep up the great work.

Ha-y-n Brian says:

I did get one just like that. It was used and had been dropped a couple of times so the adjustment dial doesnt work and the air output is rather weak. Im going to open it up and see if i can atleast turn up the air output. Thanks for the tips and keep em coming.

H.C. Aqua says:

Great review!

Ry Mac cichlids says:

Bro you keep Doing vids on stuff I have been thinking about i have 6 air pumps running my bed room / fish room lol I am picking on up to cut down on all the plugs keep up the good work my brother

Libertybell Cichlids says:

Nice keep it up

GDee Cichlids says:

Thx for the review. I’ve wondered about this product.


Watched a bunch of your vids. They’re great! Noticed you like to do things on the cheap, like myself. Cll pet supply has nice prices on everything!! I’m using can filters, wavemakers,leds, pumps…some of it for 2, 3 years now. Check them out. I bet you’ll thank me.

V. Stag says:

Awesome video Thanks for sharing

Bigeiz says:

Look get that thank for the hook up

Hunter's channel says:

Nice video, I subscribed!

Bettaxfish 1 says:

Nice tank!!!

fishead 2925 says:

I’ve been using the 8000 for a month or so now and I’ve liked it alot. Well worth money so far.

JRPy Fish-n-Game says:

Great review vid on this air pump. Looks like a beast and I checked it out with 4 outputs it give you some options too. Thanks for sharing.

Kevin Pitts says:

Great review video! This is why I made u a MOD! Excellent videos ur putting out bro!
I’ve got a top fin HOB on one of my 10G tanks. It’s a 20G filter and I’ve had the bitch for a long ass time and never had an issue w/it. Lil bugger just keeps flowin’! It’s been on I think, 4 different tanks. I just clean it on the regs, and get new cartridges for it and it’s a lil beast of a filter still!

Ry Mac cichlids says:

Just a heads up bro I bought one the other day and I hooked up a gang valve and it’s running 5 sponges and 1 tumbler just wanted to share

DebTim A CANADIAN Girl says:

Hey Bud.. it’s an pretty good pump for the price. I have a couple of them in my little fishroom. =D ♥♥

Lumpydog says:

Great review. Thanks for doing it. I’m new subscriber#221. Cheers.


Cool I just got one for my bedroom tank thanks for sharing

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