Top Fin Air Pump Review – Very Powerful!

Here is my review of the top fin air pump.

I tested my water and the hardness is through the roof. Everything else is ok.
How concerned should I be, and what do I do about it?
I have five small fish and a few live plants, and all seem to be doing well.Minus the Goldfish, I’d say your fine at 7 Ph. The issue with the Gold fish is temperature. They aren’t tropical and should not be in a tank with a heater or kept above temps of 68°F
People talk trash about these pumps but I’m very impressed with the TopFin air pump.

All you’ve really shown is that your filter has enough of a population to deal with the waste from that one fish, and the fact that you had measurable nitrite at any time would indicate that it was only just able to cope, so I would advise being very careful about adding new stock. Only add a couple at a time, waiting at least a day or two between additions to give the bacteria a chance to take up the strain. Keep monitoring your ammonia and nitrite closely for at least the next week or two.

I set up a new juwel 240 on friday, i seeded the tank using some very mature media and also had the new media in the mature tank for a week.
I have 1 swordtail in the tank, the first test i did yesterday was 0 ammonia and 0.1 nitite. But todays test is 0 ammonia and now 0 nitrite.
Am i correct in saying this tank has cycled? As the nitrite has been converted into nitrate over night.
Fish seems happy and i also seeded using gravel and decor from the old tank. Cheers
Also the tank has been at 29c and lotsss of oxygen

What house plants can I put in the HOB filters in my tank to help with nitrates, etc. What test kit did you use and are you sure you caught the colour change? Depending on the kit it can be very subtle and if you miss it you ed up adding.more and more drops until you give up and think you have really hard water. Ask me how I know.

I have pothos. But looking into others. I really like the peppermint and other herbs. (None of these will be used for food consumption)Found my nerite snail on the ground, about two feet away from the tank, behind my tv stand (dead). Anyone else had a similar experience? I don’t even know how he got out! There’s no real openings in the lid, except for where the filters are. I’m totally baffled.


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