10 Minecraft Aquarium Designs!

I will showcase 10 Minecraft Aquarium Designs from the new 1.13 minecraft update! Please bare in mind things may change and more designs will become avaliable!

Also I somehow muted my minecraft sounds for this video sorry!

Hope you enjoy!

Big thank you to Pajazzel for helping me make this video!


Moostache18 says:

just btw the update is out now and there is a glitch that the water goes straight through the glass pains º-º

Refusal says:

My minecraft is being tricky and isn’t working correctly, So i can’t play minecraft. I’m dieing because i’ve been wanting to make an aquarium since forever, but now there are fish in the game!

Salty Grandma says:

The fish in the pond are swimming towards the other body’s of water and I figured that out the hard way lol

shadow_editz says:

10:56 we doping lonely bois

Elena Dewdrop says:

12:00 was that a voice crack?

Kinda dumb gamer says:

They should add an aquarium block that connects with the stuff around like fences

Harley Battersby says:

Fish need an IQ test

Winter_baked_ cookies says:

13:58 you can make another trap door tube thingy going into the first one if they get better ai someday

Derpy_Umaru 7 says:

Actually in the future you were right, the water still goes out of the pane.

-Future Fan

Braxton Hill says:

How much times did grian say ai chang3

GP Apple Cinnamon says:

I think you should add in light in the fish tank

Turtle Turds66 says:

You could also have one that looks like a giant glass bottle.

Vortex Gamez says:

They want to escape

Cowzilla Productions says:

Guardians will be hard to put in.

AnyaGDaGamer ! says:

I put a dolphin in a fish tank on MCPE

Notkoi says:

12:00 that voice crack tho

Keith Hawkes says:

Make sure the viewing area is in the corner

KHawk 119 says:

Grain on the final aquarium design can you find a way to use observers and redstone to create a constant stream

Ali Jumaa says:


查尔斯野蛮人 says:

“Aquarium niggas*
“*the tank is too small for the fish!*”

kieran walker says:

4:14 you could just get a recourse pack called cherry blossom tree recourse pack from the app MCPE addons

Zackaroni9 Minecraft says:

16:50 that quartz look like Mumbos mustache

Gbmuffins the ew says:

“All they’ve been doing is *_S W U M_* in this corner.”


Chocolate trapdoors

MrNoobBlox Roblox & More says:

Grain: How aee you alive!?

Me: MAGIC!!!!

rainywitchcraft 1234 says:

Grian, soul sand pushes the fish up, magma pulls them down(13:50)

avery jean says:

I see a sakura tree

AdriNoir MCN says:

*You make puns just like Chat Noir*

Tuckertcs says:

you didn’t even do the method with water logged stairs in the floor and cieling making it so you don’t even need glass!!!

Cameron Meyer says:

17:46 I made a cycle design and sent it to u on Instagram

Purple Sun says:

13:50 selotion ,make two pipes

CaJun B34ts says:

I’m not so sure about the other fish, but I know that the Cod are supposed to reenact what fish do in real life; swim upstream in rivers.

VVen0m says:

Well, the water flows up to this point and… Flows on… Gj Mojang!!

Guns Of Boom Ninja says:

Minecraft should add hamsters

angelo miguel santos says:

I have a new way of fishing even tho its risky

Alex Clarke says:

12:00 that voice crack tho

A Kuzem says:

If you use the educational settings you can make blast proof glass which looks 10 times better

mr.entity 303 says:

13:48 soul sand not magma

VikingBush Gaming says:

Grian – “hopefully the water will flow between these empty spaces in 1.13” and then 1.13 comes out… WHAT THE F-

Blue Shadow Fox says:

I think the fishes push each other

kieran walker says:

I don’t know why Minecraft shucker used to have a texture of the NPC spawn egg

Brent Wiebe says:

You are great! Love your videos. 🙂 please can I get 1 like?

Adventure AJ says:

This is really good, very helpful for me thanks!

12345628230 says:

What about miss fish

No name - Name the channel says:

I’ll name my fish shark

Melissa Krumrine says:

16:59 Use the chocolate cough
I mean trapdoor for the roof

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