THE UPDATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOK-9GMJRmg

This is simply heart breaking for me…. My asian in my 2,000g aquarium jumped… severely injuring himself

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Helen Cox says:

You know what to do for him just stay calm

Meredith Renfroe says:

Awe so sorry

Zenaida Quibuyen says:

The wood is the prodlem

Willz __ says:

🙁 Im sorry.

Aly H. says:

this almost made me cry

cristina lexy says:

Is very sad to watch,seem he damaged his balance,is very lovely fish.hope recover. This fish is one of my favourites of all you got.could you try to ask to a veterinary for a second opinion?

Harry Hall vlogs/games!! says:

I have had a fish with the same issue as your fish and it lived 2 months with the issue

Helen Cox says:

Hate to see any animal in pain

Athifallah Aryasatyaji says:

frank: dude, wake up, father needs you
buddy: *silently whispering* im dying s**thead

The Blaze says:

I dont know why… bug i honestly want to see a crossover between u snd antscanada

Angelo cristiano says:


nikeeweston says:

Tank isn’t big enough…..they shouldn’t be in tanks.

Benefits Benny says:

Did you eat him?

gupee Alex says:

nooooooooooooooooooo im sad that hes have del with it

SAMUEL Karlsson says:

The romantic story of 2 lovers.

Firefox 1990 says:

Ag shaaaame 🙁

The dark Terror says:

The other fishies are bullying him.

Frankie Jackson says:

I hope he dies

aollypop4u says:

My pacu fish was acting normal. However, when he hit his head so hard, my fish went belly up immediately. My water quality is normal no ammonia, nitrite, and 10ppm of Nitrate. I usually do a 25% water change when the Nitrate goes to 20ppm.


Did he make a full recovery?

_merpitscassandra_ says:

🙁 aw

Jordan Javorsky says:

I hope your fish well get better soon and I hope its not a bone

Mini_hammy says:

I love frank….
Frank is cute….
He looks so worried…..
In a cute way….
I love frank.

Jake haskett says:

How much does a tank like that cost?☺️

hahagotcha!!!! says:

That fish is saying “kill me!!! Kill me and eat me DIY king!!”…..

U-ya odd time says:


Marcelo Lucero says:

as a fish caregiver….. i would hate to ask of this but would you ever eat a fish in your life?

derrick liew says:

Never put wooden logs with arowana, could cause injuries to your fish..

sexynred13 says:


ItzSkylere GMV says:

Im late… But… My fish died like that too, I had her for 4-5 years, it was bigger than ur fish … It was jumping and it died 🙁 I cried… I didn’t know wut happened.

Reg Pollock says:

There are no words that can be spoken to express feelings you have given you YouTubers. I admire you more than anybody on the web.

wiktoria p says:

I literally cried while listening poor fish :C

Eisham Manulon says:

Maybe your fish figth with your ray

Kingsley Teng says:

you have such a friendly fish

XXxdasassylolaXxX XXXrobloxXXX says:

Im fishaewafobiac its at special symtem that only i know about so yeah im very uncomfortable when people hold fish but dont hate im still watching

Mangiapane_ OTB says:

The fish is dying. That’s what’s going on…. I love your channel and videos, but I fully expect a “the arrowana passed” kind of video coming soon.

Mini_hammy says:


Alex McGraw says:

Why don’t you just fry him up and serve him with a lemon with like a side of mash potatoes or something

Rashed Jamshidi says:

Hi people scrolling the chat while watching the video.

Shits and Biscuits says:

Dude it’s not cruel you care so much I personally support all of these decisions and understand it’s a hard thing to have happen

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