#285: How to Make a Coconut Hide for Aquarium, Crayfish, Hermit Crabs, Fish – DIY Wednesday

Make sure to find the biggest and most ripe coconut possible as they are often priced per coconut and not per pound. Darker coconuts are ripe and are generally easier to separate the coconut meat from the shell. Plecos like to suck on them, and they’ll last forever inside your tank.

This was a quick project that anyone should be able to do! Don’t buy these from the store, make them yourself!

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DIngbat donedon says:

This was worst than watching paint dry.

kamrul hasan says:

luiz carlos barreto says:

a casa do boby espoja e patriki

Sourav Prasad says:


Nawakorn Chaikornkosol says:

Why is my coconut floating?

hamza zawlekar says:

You bloody asshole teri gand mc

K says:

did they rot?

Erin Canham says:

Looks like too much effort I buy one for like a qwid

Rada M says:

Jeez that’s a lot of tools. Great result though.

kumar s says:

Why don’t you take two already used coconut shell and cut a semi circle in the bottom ….. why so much effort. …..

Avinash Phatak says:

How can the coconut shell Sink to the bottom of the tank ??

INFAMOUS ™ says:

is that song from final fantasy? sounds familiar

jerry sun says:

it will go rotten after days, so…good idea but not really good for longterm use

Antim Jat says:

pagl same kay

Lokesh Verma says:


indu mathi says:

In India we just bang it to stone coconut opens then take scraper scrap all the flesh then use a hammer a break to desired design that’s it

Pov Fly says:


Meirhia Trisna says:

oalaaa mek ngunu ae yo iso ga usah di gae tips” telek”an.

Racing's Natural Aquariums says:

Great dyi vid

Brenda Morris says:

great video

Dnyaneshwar Kandekar says:



Very good joke

dank boii says:

Can i use this for my tarantula

Catherine Kennedy says:

Great idea! They are a bit pricey at the fish store!

henry hillary says:

tab tim krob

San b says:

i love coconut….. and what is the music plz

Prosenjeet Layek says:



tetep pinter wong jowo

Sudhakar.H. Biradar says:

Idiot of the Year

Andy T says:

so simple

Rudra Pratap Singh says:

Please make a video how to fixed a film on the glass as a background image in aquarium

Ryin88 says:

not bad. All natural cheap crayfish home .

Heri _pratama says:


DuilvalTV says:

Ur aquarium juz like u ohsem

flamepeace says:

dont forget to eat the white cocconut

Thomas Anholm says:

What species of crayfish are they? Are they tropical or freshwater?

Chhotu Singh says:

bapa ka gad dilha rha h…

Josie Mc Nelis says:

Hi. great video. what is the electric cutting tool called.

Zthena says:

nice, I just made one! not that pretty but awesome, naturalllll

Rada M says:

lol love how they went to investigate the coconuts straight away.

Hari Kumarps says:


Reindeer 12 says:

hamster house

eat shit says:

you waste my time watching your video fuckshit.pweh

NFT 2013 Ltd says:

hey! is it fine to leave the outside on?


very good

Anil Khakha says:

aur kuch mila nhi………..

nordin janjawi says:

good gob!!!

keeler1160 says:

Can you put the tools you used in the description?

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