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In This Video:
Today we talk all about carpeting aquarium plants. Here are my top 3 beginner carpet plants as well as my tips for how to grow a better carpet of pretty much any plant in you planted aquarium.

MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud

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varanidguy says:

If S. repens isn’t going to fare well, how quickly will it show signs after being added to a tank?

mike mango says:

how to plant saggitaria subulata properly? some say dont plant it too deep, can i plant it on ADA light substrate?

Erwin S says:

Hi, I have a 29 gallon tank. What do I need to look for in a light if I wanted to go with leds? Are there leds that specific for aquascaping?

lementime says:

Very good!

jr hdz says:

I feel like you didnt go out of your way to find better options. Like you used what you had on hand

orion mcafee says:

Literally a ton?

Wick Disaster says:

Your videos are fantastic. Best aquarium videos out there. I’m starting a hex 20 this weekend and I’m glad I stumbled onto your channel. I’ll be using a simple soil and gravel cap. I’ll be starting with some plant recommendations from you and I’m going to let it cycle a few weeks while I do more fish research. Heck, I need to calm down because I already want a larger tank! But, I’ll get this hex 20 going first correctly and I’ll keep a good log to review lessons learned before I move up to a ‘big’ tank. Thanks again, great videos.

William Goboff says:

Beautiful tank mate

Travis Tran says:

patience and leave the plants alone, along with set timer on the light. plants need to sleep and wake up on time bruh…

Chickinpic Chickinpic says:

I am wondering what type of fish is the black and white you keep with your rainbows?

Susan Myer says:

Great info. Trying to gather info so I can start my first aquarium. Thanks

OldeOne deESuhrim says:

Do you have a video for the proper method to clean a tank with soil? I have a gravel bottom with Amazon swords, which are fed by root tabs and vitamins I add to the water. They look great, but my ferns look tired. I would like to try soils, but I am afraid of ammonia buildup. Right now my tank is 4 years old and stable. Thanks!

The Bearded Aquarium Kings says:

Great video love the tank

Barkaka plantantona says:

That’s what they said about moss balls, I think I killed it turned brown.

Sarah says:

How many lumens and what wattage is a low/medium light for a 4ft planted tank?

Nancy Chan says:

Can I plant the seeds in a mature tank with fish and shrimps? Or would that hard both of them

M W says:

Whats that plant in the mid called? 12:33

acab i says:

looks like you are looking in the mirror wanting to kiss yourself

Mel_j_ley says:

Hey, how would you recommend I use aquarium plant seeds in a aquarium that’s already full of fish and water! ?

Thisisnotmyrealname8 says:

how come I don’t care about plants unless they are underwater?


i have mature pretty heavily planted tank that is decently stocked with fish and shrimp, and i have had dwarf grass for a few months now (about 6 or so…) but it doesn’t really carpet, it has small runner plants/sprites going everywhere the main plants are mostly green with some yellow strands but overall its nowhere near getting bushy or actually covering the bottom… it also seems to have trouble getting a hold in the gravel i put it in as it comes loose pretty easy even though te underlayer is a more sandy nutrient bedding (my 2 plecos don’t help either when they are in a “good” mood and uproot some of the grass as they move about, doesnt happen often though…).

my water wisteria and alike plants tha are in there… damn weeds grow like crazy so i am doing something right, just the grass acting weird… maybe i need a different carpeting plant…

also… damn black beard algea, its the only algea my shrimp and fish dont eat. :/ can’t get rid of it :(.

William Taylor says:

I really like the look of the S repens under lower light.

Mike-N-Spike says:

any tips for dwarf hair grass? I got some a while back and no matter how deep I buried them they always floated to the surface, eventually some dead strands started clogging the filter. how can I get it to spread and stay down?

Eugene Barthmallow says:

Is fluorite good?

CREEPONATER Minecraft says:

Does dwarf sag grow to the top of the tank?

shahbaz ali says:

i am ur friend

madison morren says:

Really want dwarf hair grass for my betta fish, if anyone has a reason NOT to use this plant, talk me out of it

How Ward says:

Did you use potting soil and sand on these in the videos?

MysteriusBhoice says:

i read that blue light stunts plant growth but makes the plants healthier

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