#484: Is Clay Aquarium Safe? – Tank Tip

Is clay safe to put in my aquarium? I see a lot of questions being asked if pottery clay and terra cotta clay are aquarium safe. Watch this video to learn the answer as well as my perspective.

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Jadren Aquatics says:

Fantastic information thanks for sharing! Had no idea you could harden clay in a fire pit. New sub!

JRPy Fish-n-Game says:

Nice vid and info…thanks for sharing.

Saks Place says:

I’ve used concrete block/brick and standard bricks in my tanks and ponds for years. I never did water checks, but never lost fish. Once concrete dries, it basically becomes inert, a good fee day soaking will remove any exterior calcium or lime left behind, but any future leaching will be very minimal.

Fishman says:

terracotta is wonderful. I’ve used it for decades.

J Lathem says:

Great tips Greg , thanks 🙂

Mike and Meini fish tanks says:

thanks for sharing:)

Furio Giunta says:

PLEASE HELP! I bought a terracotta pot at Walmart with the intention of drilling a hole in it for my plecos or any fish that basically wanted to hide.  When I drilled into the pot it appears there is some type of black material on the inside of the orange clay like a core material of some kind covered with the orange clay.  Anyone know what this is or if it is aquarium safe?

J.Cruz671 says:

Where do you get the caves on the right?

Capitan Poostab says:

Do you or anyone know if clay pottery is safe for a marine aquarium with lps and sps?

Robert P. says:

Thanks Greg very informative. Look forward to these tips this one helped me immensely.

Home Aquatics Hobby says:

Sweet video man with awesome information. keep it up

Badri Prasad says:

I am indian


cool video

Steve Miller says:

What about self hardening clay like sculpey that I can bake in my oven?

The Cichlid Room says:

How many videos do you have?

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