AMAZlNG IDEAS WITH CEMENT – How to make an aquarium at home – VERY EASY and BEAUTIFUL

AMAZlNG IDEAS WITH CEMENT – How to make an aquarium at home – VERY EASY and BEAUTIFUL
How to Build an aquarium at home

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tahmeed alam says:

This music is fucking bullshit

Zuzet Mejia says:

Wow esto me a gustado bastante lo quiero hacer no cabe duda nunca dejan de sorprenderme

ASMR expert sand play says:

Superbbbbb extremely syperb idea

Nadiane Melo says:

Você e muito muito muito muito muito muito muito bom no que faz ❤❤❤

rani naidoo says:

Thank you for sharing, you’re so gifted and Blessed. Such a beautiful aquarium.


Es muy chiquito para los peces 🙁

Rustam Gani says:

U vork by cement!
Need a globs

Sujal Mdhr says:

i feel the fish will die in that small amount of water

Ayushri Bhaskar says:

Cute one♥️

razztazz says:

Very creative. You come up with some good cement ideas.
I’m not sure how long those fish will survive though.

Isabella Ottinger says:

Those fish are going to die, they need a divide that makes bubbles so they can live.

kittie katt says:

just love this. what paint and decor is used for safety of fish please

Macon 2017 says:

Esta bonito pero es muy bajo el nivel del agua para los pecesitos…

NMranchhand says:

Your ideas for cement are amazing! Why do you often add dry cement powder and the scrape the “crumbs” away before you smooth the cement?

Vaishali Vaghela says:

Liked it so much. Nice work

Rustam Gani says:

Thanks and good luck!!!

Maria Aparecida Ribeiro Salvador says:

Fishes will be dead into this painted recipient .

Abhinav Panwar says:

Way small and seems way overcrowded

saba naaz says:


winterweib says:

You need to soak the Bassin first with water several times. Pour away, soak over night. At least five times.
Cement is poisoning the fishes!!! You need to rinse out that first.
And how about the color?
You did not mention people have to be careful because of it, do not mention which color is okay for fishes, etc.
And the place is WAY to small for living fishes. It would have been a nice pons. But with the fishes it is a place for torture.

Construction TV says:

wow! Very nice !

Younis Ibrahim says:

This is so cool

Esteban Rodriguez says:

For the eyes of the very beautiful human, but for the poor fish is a prison …

Business Wholesale Market says:


Oracle says:

The cement and paint will kill the fish within a short time, fool!

Amalasinha devrag gupta says:

where can i get ths tune..pls anyone reply

ญา พัทลุง says:


Terezinha Foscarim says:

Vou fazer pros meus netinhos

Alexandra O'Neal says:

I love that little pond idea. So cool!

Who Cares says:

Is that water even deep enough for those fish? And what about the paint is that safe for them? I dont think that is a good idea for the fish , there is a reason aquariums are glass

I Love Leaves says:

I like how its an open ocean. Makes you feel like youre somewhere else!

Uzi Corn says:

Stupid music,fuck!!

Надежда Дача says:


những clip hay says:

Nice ideas

Jayesh E g says:


Amalasinha devrag gupta says:

super tuneeeee

راقب حسابك علي 8ball pool ههه says:


Lidya diya says:

wow beautiful

MicheIIeRobert says:

Please get rid of the music

Gaurav Gupta says:


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