Aquarium 3D BACKGROUND review and DIY tips

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Hi everyone,

This video is a review of the Rock and Root 3D Background supplied by AQUA-MANIAC — Please check them out.

If you want an instant quote for any background size please visit.


Hope you enjoy the video

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Intro music is by – Kevin MacLoed –


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soyelcapy says:

it looks great

Aaron Butcher says:

DON’T BUY FROM aqua-maniac  they lie and rip you off

tomas leninas says:

what lights do you use in the last tank from video?

kpkbworldwide says:

Also David, if you cover the entire background in silicone, (pain in the butt), it will prevent pant from chipping.

African Cichlid Hub says:

@Chris07860 Hi Chris, I think are starting to ship over seas 🙂

jim blue says:

can you use hang on filter with them?(ehime 2042 libertys)

African Cichlid Hub says:

Did you get one?

Cichlid Fanatic says:

Great looking background. It looks real

African Cichlid Hub says:

@DavidJamesWilliamsUK Hi David, I’ve had 3 different styles from Aqua-maniac and I’ve not come across this issue. Have you contacted them?

Drew Suttle says:

I am making some DIY rocks and ornament structures for my aquarium, using Styrofoam, polystyrene, and painted on cement/plaster etc. How would you achieving the coloured finish? 
You see hand painted ornaments and background structures all the time however when you paint the surface afterwards what type of paints are safe in aquariums?
All other videos just give reference to USA brand name products which are unavailable in the UK so I would like to make my own but do not know which paints are safe and whether I can use some form of clear coat laquer to seal them in if not?

African Cichlid Hub says:

Has anyone noticed the video honours for this video?

Best one is Most discussed – pets & animals – Today – #71 – GLOBAL.


Andrej Ljubicic says:

Very nice…

Ollie Broadie says:

Blatant advertising. No pleasure in watching this at all.

Graham Herbert says:


African Cichlid Hub says:

@ouchh100 Hi mate, look in the description and you’ll see where I bought it from.

African Cichlid Hub says:

@AlexSlams Nice one, cutting these is no bother. You should see the prices of the Penga Backgrounds 😐
So have you put an order in?

ashbuzzman100 says:

great tanks mate those 3d backgrounds are wiked! do i have to take 1 cm of the measurements for each side to make it fit in my tank? and what do i do if i have an external pump thanks

Kaori Uiro says:

This is a 60×30 cm version ??? Please respond to !

Andrew Mclaughlan says:

I have one of these i got second hand and all the paint is almost completely worn off the root parts. The guy said he only had it a few months so it looks like they dont stand up to much before being damaged. Does anybody know what kind of paint is used so that I can touch it up?

memo says:

omg that looks amazing!! i live in manchester and im interested in buying a background my tank is 80cm wide and 65 high is it possible to make me one? and how much would that be and how long does it take to make?

Chris07860 says:

Do they ship to the U.S?

SuperNova2747 says:

nice. Im from london and would love to order but i will need to cut x2 holes for pump return folow into the tank aswell as cut slits in the top left hand corner so water can sump through into my filtration system, i own a little river reef rr94 liter tank,. no one seem to be able to tell me how easy or diffycult it is to cut into the 3d backround,,, does it need re sealing where cut to maybe avoid toxin seaping into the tank, is it safe and i dont need to worry… need more info.. please advise

CoreysFishTanks says:

What type of substrate is in the with the brichardi, Tank Looks amazing

African Cichlid Hub says:

@CoreysFishTanks It’s like a black volcanic rock.

MrCrAzYFo0L says:

Just wanna know if its possible to get a background for a fluval roma 240 it has the internal outlet and inlet pipes at the right hand side. It also has the stress panel at top of tank so my back ground would need cut ..

Jaks says:

Wow, your background does look amazing! I have a Juwel Rekord 800 with the Juwel internal filter fitted inside the tank. Can you help me out on the measurements on which I would need to pass onto Aqua Mania to get a background? Many thanks!

DavidJamesWilliamsUK says:

@bolly12345 after some advice please. Installed this background & it looked stunning. However after a few weeks I have noticed areas of paint have been removed by the fish 🙁 I’m assuming it’s either a small plec, some yo yo loaches or red tailed sharks. Any ideas ?

Disappointed as I specifically asked at the time of purchase if fish could damage paint, which I was told categorically no.

Love Goldens says:

I got a similar background for my 29 gallon tank, but it needs cutting. how easy are they to cut

Animal Enthusiast says:

I like your video and your background.
lol I promise this isn’t spam, this is a real question. There’s one that I’m looking for & can’t find anywhere. (It’s one that has rocks & a tree.) It’s in another video on youtube, & he said he doesn’t remember what company it came from or what the background’s name is. But, it looks like the one that made yours may have made the one in the other video ( youtube. com/watch?v=KUMXi6IuSCw&lc=PEvbwPSZe86f8TCrpDRHY5eWjDD1wUf-eO-0Aq6hD30b ). Do you know? Thanks

mike sanchez says:

Why dont u just make one….smh

MrCrAzYFo0L says:

I just uploaded a video of my tank yesterday

DavidJamesWilliamsUK says:

After seeing this review I bought one of these backgrounds. Just posted video response so others can see how it looks. Thanks again for your help,

TheAmericanEagle22 says:

@bolly12345 but the tank at the left, down, is the fry tank of the mbuna?

African Cichlid Hub says:

@DavidJamesWilliamsUK Hi David, thank you for the video response

African Cichlid Hub says:

@Chris07860 They sure are buddy

MrCrAzYFo0L says:

I have a fluval Roma 240 I have internal pipes which can’t be moved what backgrounds could I get for it

African Cichlid Hub says:

@AlexSlams I find reasons not to decorate ha ha

DavidJamesWilliamsUK says:

@bolly12345 yes have fired off email, so will wait for response. Have given plec back to fish shop, hoping its only him that caused damage and not the loaches. Good to know you have been okay. Fingers crossed as I bought the new tank purely to house this background. Thanks for response. Dave.

Majestic AquariumsTV says:

Aquael and universal rocks make the best back grounds!

Chris07860 says:

@bolly12345 Nice I hope they do, those 3d backgrounds are really nice

Benny Lim says:

Hi, I need a very important information about this background. I am from London and will be going back to my home country in 3 weeks time, so Im wondering whats the approx weight of this background, together with the boxes? Is this background 97x45cm? Thanks.

kpkbworldwide says:

@judgeWarlain if you are interested in having a background from the USA shipped to you, check out a few I have uploaded. I will help you get them From Florida. Awesome video btw

Ken Rotberg says:

I know the video’s been up for years, are you still available for questions? I can’t contact anybody at that company. I want to get this background!

RiotBadger says:

@bolly12345 ha ha, not as yet – it’s gonna have to wait until we re-decorate the living room, that’s the next time I will be able to re-locate the fish to another space temporarily. At least I now have a reason to re-decorate!

RiotBadger says:

@bolly12345 I did last night but was concerned that the dimensions on Juwel’s site were external rather than internal but I suppose it’s better to get more and cut it down. Quote is good, just over £100. Bargain and much more reasonable than the back to nature one!

THOMAS nunn says:

Awesome background. I’ve got a juwel Rio 125 and I’m always redecorating it. This is what I’ve been looking for. Definitely getting one!

African Cichlid Hub says:

@SuperNova2747 The background is solid resin, cuts easily and no need to re-seal

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