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Tools For Carpet Plants:
LED for tanks 16″ and less ►
LED for tanks 16″+ ►
Nut. substrate 1 ►
Nut. substrate 2 ►
Akadama sub. ►

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Music by Joakim Karud

In This Video:
Today we talk about carpet plant tips for your aquarium!

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Rasool Namdar says:

You are awesome!

L.R.Bretz's Aquatics says:

That’s awesome the Kerri colony bred!

Joseph Rialon says:

what plants did you use?

David Kim says:

hello! what is your average temperature of the tank?

Gino Foogle says:

that seems like a really good place for small shrimp to hide in.. my betta keeps eating the shrimpies..

Cranny Bee says:

How often do you water the plants

Tomahawk1999 says:

hey aquapro, i am reallly interested in aquascape aquarium but how do i clean the tank when its dirty? do i just throw out the aquascape and start over? please let me know. thanks the tank looks great

AquaScaperDxb says:

Cool setup pal

Richard Lim says:

I have 1200lumen light low tech setup in a 20gallon with hc and monte carlo. Without co2. I dose potassium + micro nutrient in the water columns. I don’t add nitrogen or phosphate, hoping that my fish will produce those. I have my fingers crossed hoping it will work out.

Joey Yang says:

What size tank is this? And how much did it run you?

Gabbie says:

This is the first video I’ve watched from this channel and just WOW. I have a betta and want to have a carpet in my 5g. I clearly have alot of work to do haha. I really appreciated how much you explained things, it was easy and to the point. I could only dream of having a carpet (and tank) this incredible!

Tarsan97 says:

Your tank look fantastic

Rick Rich says:

Hi! I’m looking to get a long and shallow tank like your 33 long. Who makes it? Thanks in advance!

Gré Bell says:

The position of the grass to me makes it look like a trodden path made by tiny people who visit the fake tree 😀


Help with the recent demonitization issues :

Tools For Carpet Plants:
LED for tanks 16″ and less ►
LED for tanks 16″+ ►
Nut. substrate 1 ►
Nut. substrate 2 ►
Akadama sub. ►

Vijaya Cheaku says:

Which substrate u r using for carpet plant..

Tyler Johnson says:

Did you dry start your glosso tank?

Danish Siddiqi says:

im trying to grow carpet plants from past 2 years but i am struggling…pls help

Unknown User says:

Also a tip: don’t burn the tank with close up lighting and using high power light

Laurensnl says:

Been there, done that, lets see this carpet in half a year from now.

assanti4192 says:

Did you take a video of you setting up and planting this tank if so could you send it my way totally in love with this setup what a wonderful job you did

fishlaw1 says:

Wow ! ! ! What more can I say?

Julie Love says:

did you make this aquarium yourself?

Aquarium lover says:

What kind of plant you use?

Kishore Kannan says:

Does it have snails?

MaximusPrime10278 says:

Beautiful tanks man!! I loved the second one and its fishes. Thanks for the tips!

baden blankenship says:

all of my dwarf hair grass died

Omar Aziz says:

can a Marijuana plant grow under water? serious question (i dont smoke nor sell)

Darryl Wolfe says:

Do plants need a specific type of light? Or can it be any regular flourescent lamp or bulb that you can buy in a hardware store??

aswad us says:

Thanks…Awesome video! really amazing carpet! Do you have any video on how you clean your tanks? never seen one with carpeted tanks.

Stankfinger1976 says:

Very nice. I’ve recently subbed your channel. Your videos are great. You and CO-OP are the best on YouTube for sure. Thank you for your time.

Ewas Bharathi says:

What is the name of the plant?

Kerimin Pet Dünyası says:


Will Swartz says:

FINALLY someone who is talking about a subject and not just making a damn music video…

Nathan Weidner says:


Z W says:

Do you have a video of when you set this tank up?

Burak Turkmen says:

It is possible that your anubias are not doing well due to high light.

Erwin Reinhardt says:

How can one construct a planted tank without CO2

EvoDash90 says:

3 minu still no tips

Muhammad Yousaf says:

Please tell me the tank dimensions. I want an aquarium just like that.

Belg4Life says:

I’m new to this but can you basically lay maybe moss on top of a rock and cover the aquarium off with foil. So when it has enough light the moss will grow allover the rock, or is it not that simple

Naples says:

Plants name?

Sean says:

How do you do gravel vacuum cleaning for this? Or the plants are helping you to keep it clean?

Nathan Weidner says:

What kind of ant

Rose H says:

Check out, Jeff Bodeen. Hasn’t posted in awhile but his dwarf hairgrass is some of the best I’ve ever seen!

Yolanda White says:

Love the tank. I used small fine black rocks for my tank.

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