Aquarium Decorating Tips

Tom Sarac and Eric Nadon from Fluval offer useful tips on how to create an aesthetically-pleasing freshwater aquarium.

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corinahachem pufi1975 says:

i like the reef and stones kind

thepokekid01 says:

I’m not an expert, but I do look at design from a cinematic perspective, try to frame it with 3rds. On the Edge, because of how it is like a cut cube of water, it has me thinking of design with a 3D space and angle. This is different from when I was a young kid, focusing only on the front forwards-facing view (like a painting). I think in a way, the nature of the Edge tanks really bring out those considerations more so than some others (and really just because of that glass top), at least to me.

I can’t wait until the larger 2015 Edge tanks release. I already have plans to build 2. I want to build a sand waterfall in one, and the other I want to simulate ruins. I don’t think I’m going to try and go for realism (As in making sure the fish, substrate, plants, and decor are all location/habitat accurate), but I do plan on trying to keep things in proportion and take the man-made resin pieces and place them in a natural way, and pick plants that match the setting. So hopefully it will look at least a bit natural to the uninformed.

I think they will make fun projects next year, but for now I am just planning and building parts. I guess it would be easier if I knew the dimensions of the new edge and the new top hole, but so far I’m feeling good about them and just can’t wait until they release.

born wild says:

I’ve made amazing tanks with exserience

Kool Aid says:

I like my tanks to look natural

Chacko Ville says:

Decorating an acquarium with light adds a sublime viewing experience. Check out the Full Spectrum Program Dimmable LED Aquarium Light at Amazon

Fish Tales says:

Had the 46 Liter Fluvel aquarium, yeah they look stylish but for practical
purposes they are bloody awful. The top is covered over with glass thus 
leaving only a small square opening for you to try and plant and stock your aquarium.
The amount of times i cursed this design fault – try and catch a fish with your net
in one of these things, it nearly impossible! In the end i took the whole top off for a more easier open top version. So unless you like fiddly stuff i wouldn’t bother, they’re
are far more practical aquariums out there. Believe me most people eventually go for
a rim less tank at some point in the hobby because of these issues.

Gabor P says:

Plants décor and the substrate is okay but the rest is sucks ! Bitch to when it comes maintenance water change water evaporation and cleaning and planting after trimming and less surface for gas exchange and bubbles build up under the top glass also 3-4 days after the evaporation and the top is just a big solid bubble and the light is in 1 spot and many I mean 4 big dead spot ! Over all I would not recommend it to any aquarist unless want to have a nightmare and especially not a beginner tank and just chase away new aquarist who interested but fail cause of this set up ! On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 1 !

Carl Startup says:

well i use pebbles artificial plants wood gravel and other fun bits because i got a siemese fighting fish a shrimp and a weather loach and they love it in there tank

Vicky B says:

Yeah but what about when you want to put a couple of castles in there as well as fresh plants? Driftwood is kind of boring, I’d like to put something the kids would like in there as well as live plants.

Sector 001 says:

The Fluval Edge series of aquariums are the coolest/stylish looking aquariums made!

Faruss S3al says:

Nice video helped me a lot in setting up my Aquarium

Hope you guys upload more videos of aquascaping

Pam STLGIRL says:

Really enjoy your videos. I purchase a huge piece of drift wood for my 50 gallon tall aquarium but I can’t seem to get the water clear it has a tea like color. I used prime to get it clear but no luck. Please help. Thanks

Safeer Ahmad Khalid says:

was those wood were ordinary wood

Nico Giacomini says:

Awsome video. Very helpful as well. Good job.

Holly Bowen Davies says:

I buy a lot more decor than I need so that every time I do a 30% water change, I switch the decor to make sure my danios and barbs have more to explore, since fish are naturally inquisitive.

Willy Rosado says:

i like lots of collor

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