Aquarium Decoration Tutorial: How To Make a Silicone Bubble Tip Anemone for more custom aquarium design ideas using Smooth-On’s aquarium-safe rubbers, plastics and foams.

Advantages of making your own custom anemone with Smooth-On silicone:
* Custom Design and Color Possibilities
* Natural Movement – tentacles move like a live sea anemone
* Ignite colored silicone glows under actinic lighting
* Aquarium Safe – will not harm fish, invertebrates or any other sea life
* Easy Maintenance
* Low Cost
* Will Last Indefinitely

Make It Now! with Smooth-On


Miniaturas da kika says:


BloodyKylie says:

How did you make white tentacle tips? Were they painted after demolding?

Rainbow Mustachio says:

Can I Keep These In Freshwater Tanks?

Smooth-On says:

The materials described in this video are aquarium safe

Yeny Miluska says:

You are a genius!!! Just a question , what is the exact purpose of the alcohol and soap?

vmin says:

isn’t there a easier way to do it?
cuz i am doing a project but have the stuff for it

Eco Studio says:

Clownfishes need a real anemone !!! So your technique is not good !!! (But the principle is good )

I’m sorry, i’m french so i dont speak english very well

Alamgir Hossain says:


VGP says:

do you guys have a video about having a Glass casting and turning it into silicone rubber? or could you guide me to the smooth-on pack I need to make a silicone rubber from a glass casting? thanks

Nicolas Evensen says:

Would this technique work to make Plaster-of-Paris molds?

Adrian Alob says:

Hm… I don’t know… Most fake anemones look quite stiff… Unlike the real ones, I love the movement of the real ones..

Araştırmacı Çocuk says:

Çok guzel

Anon5K says:

I would like to make a rigid material casting of a red tail hawk, with a plexiglass red tail to for sun reflections. Or is that a piece for a casting company to do? The other thing I was thinking was to just sculpt the tail in some red translucent material but do not know what to use. Any suggestions?

animateclay says:

Just a tip I learned casting full scale hands in a mold similar to this…. you can blow compressed air into those holes as you pull parts out. So if you mold a complex piece with fingers/tentacles and the clay breaks off, tapping the mold upside down while blowing air in can get those parts loose.

barhoomah1 says:

wonderful,, thx.

Triad3Force says:

It looked easy enough until in involved getting a vacuum chamber hehe. However, I guess it would be worth investing in all the tools and materials if you were selling what you make with the molds. Or if you were making a lot of those for a big aquarium.

love this jazz its cool and sexey nunna says:

wow I realy like your video  I have a 50 gallen fish tank can you make a sklton skindiver out of rubber

William Collins says:

All the money I spent u could of bought a real one

Vins Art says:

THIS Silicone Mold Metrials  Cast how mach ,sir

Chaz Lander says:

do you sell moulds to the UK?

Smooth-On says:

I recommend you submit a tech ticket on our website – we can talk you through the process!

Jessica Palmeira says:

Suitable for fresh water

Taffy Bubu says:

Buy then at Walmart for a a dollar

Chaz Lander says:

how much mould star 15 would I need to make this and what size is the ornament please. I want to have a go at doing it.



Smooth-On says:

There are many ways to make this type of mold…this is but one configuration.

Zoltán Jencski says:

Hello! Help me please! Burned out of clay after you sculpt? Thanks

Graphics Ocean says:


replicante777 says:

please we need Smooth On storages in México dont forget us please!!

oonauq says:

What kind of dipshit would give this video a thumbs down????

Joe Scrivens says:

seems like way more work and money then buying a real one…

Hyacinth Bewry says:

You kidding me? This is aaahsome!!!!

chase says:

I think it’s cool what you made but I have to ask.

Has this product and all the components used been tested for leaching and is it FDA approved? (Not that I hold the FDA’s approvals as absolute but…)

Can you provide a link to the type testing, the results and who did the testing?


saiqlo says:

What model is the chamber used to remove the bubbles?

Ambrosius Malachai says:

TIP: Cut the hot glue at the base of the bucket to remove the bucket without cutting it. Then use the bucket to hold the mold together instead of rubber bands.

Francisco jardinagem says:

legau mas nao intendi nada


dont have an aquarium but nice!

raul delga delgadillo says:

is would make for a great flesh light

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