Aquarium Decoration Tutorial: How to Make Custom Foam 3D Aquarium Backgrounds for more custom aquarium design ideas using Smooth-On’s aquarium-safe rubbers, plastics and foams.

Advantages of making your own aquarium background with Smooth-On foam and plastic:
* Custom Design
* Custom Fit – castings can be tiled for large areas
* Easy Maintenance
* Eliminates Reef Harvesting
* Aquarium Safe – will not harm fish, invertebrates or any other sea life
* Chemically Inert
* Low Cost
* Will Last Indefinitely
* Tank Space Saver – Low profile design, ultra low water displacement

Make It Now! with Smooth-On


Zaijan Flordelis says:
Fish tank decorations for sale on ebay.   plants and driftwoods in one

mark hellwig says:

can i get the parts and chemical list

BushmasterM4A3 says:

Looks very nice but, I can think of very few situations where you would need to go through this much time and materials. Nevertheless some people have been bitten by the DIY bug. well done

Smooth-On says:

If the temperature gets above 150F, the material may be affected.

matty4z says:

how do you stop the foam floating in the tank?
the magnet doesnt seem like it’d be enough??

mark hellwig says:

and you have used this with no affect on the fish in your own tank is that correct

Mint cookies says:

Is this products animal save eg reptiles and plants .. Because I was thinking of using this for a vivarium project I have in mind Great results (-:

Davide Damiano says:

madonna che macello… ma fai prima col polistirolo :/

Richard Walsh says:

way way way way way too many steps, too much work. and I’m sure not cost affected with all those products used. probably only good for small projects. use styrofoam and cement if you want a 3d background…

Smooth-On says:

We have listed out some of the benefits here: 0:22

GreenCanvasInteriorscape says:

Please clarify, what does this accomplish that rock wouldn’t?

Brian Plauger says:

I am sorry guys, this was a really neat video this doesn’t look easy or cheap. Each one of your foams/ resins is at least 25 bucks? Also how many hours / steps did this take? If this came in a kit for 20 bucks, that would be a different story! Every aquarium store in the country would sell it and I WOULD BUY ONE! 🙂

Veovre says:

what’s the song? I like it, chill.

bondophobic says:

i have a question about rigid Foam It 5, would you be able to cut it with heated metal? does it cure nice and firm? if i cast with it is it going to come out smooth?


Mark Guinto says:

Too Tedious to make. it doesnt seem like a cheap way of making a design with all the chemicals being used.

Smooth-On says:

Hi Mark, that is correct. The fish in our test tank are still looking good and it has been a few years now.

pabrad1 says:

That seems easy to do and looks REAL!
I’ve used the Foam-IT materials for other casting projects – that material is very easy to use.
And the Rebound silicone rubber is also easy to use with a one to one ratio.
In fact I find most of the Smooth-On products to be user friendly.
I love the use of the magnet; simple yet brilliant! Well done video – thanks for the ideas.

Gregor Gale says:

How much of each material was used in this tutorial? I would like to know to get idea how much I need. Thanks.

Smooth-On says:

@bplauger The video is just a basic overview of one technique. Many of our customers have a desire to create custom backdrops, and the techniques here are a starting point. There are definitely many ways to create such a backdrop, some of which may produce results more effective for your application or budget.

XXXAnonymousUserXXX says:

That doesnt look easy

Smooth-On says:

A smooth mold would result in a smooth casting. We do not recommend cutting the urethane foam with a heated tool.

smileycracker99 says:

all those chemicals look tasty 🙂

SEvePhillips says:

Hi!  Love your products, been casting my dolls with them for years.  =)  I’m doing research for a new tank I will be starting up in the next couple months, I was just making sure I understand, you don’t seal the back with the resin?  Doesn’t the foam soak in water?  Thanks!

Amathusukx says:

Out of curiosity how much has this process cost?

WonderWorkStudios says:

check out my 10 gallon tank inside a 120 gallon tank w/ 3d custom foam rock work 

search     “Amazing 3D Aquarium Background Aquascape Freshwater Tank inside Tank Custom Rock”

Phoenix Hatcher says:

How much would it cost for a 18×57 viv

peterman921 says:

@bplauger the first step could be done with aluminum foil and /or cardboard, or even spray foam in a can, the second step can be any oil based modeling clay, step three needs to be a molding compound as suggested, step four could be plaster of paris or fiberglass and resin. then of course your casting material. so you could do it quite a bit cheaper by being resourceful. and still use the great products that smooth on manufactures

Ioakeim Sogiakas says:

Nice popcorn

bondophobic says:

i have a question about rigid Foam It 5, would you be able to cut it with heated metal? does it cure nice and firm? if i cast with it is it going to come out smooth?


Bso616 says:

That’s a lot of foam, I am confused at how just a mag float keeps it from floating up

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