Aquarium Driftwood Design Tips, Playing with Driftwood in you Planted Aquarium

Driftwood can make an aquarium design look amazing if you know what kind and how much driftwood to use. Sinking driftwood in your fishtank can be a real pain in the rear, I recommend you boil the driftwood at first, before using it in your aquascape.


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mark layton says:

hey Dustin…are you freeballin ?  …you’ve been playing with your wood ……you really make those shorts pop

Rob P says:

Cool Vid I do the same thing
Also I love how you used the Raekwon Ghost Face Killa Glaciers of Ice Song for the Outro.
Wu Tang is Classic

ThatFishGuy says:

So, before you made this video you played around with your wood.

4thGloryMonday says:

Can I put any wood from a lake or river n my tank? If so is there anything I need to do to it before I put in the tank cause some pieces I have collected is to big to boil. Thanks guys

Staszek Ziom says:

dont use copper or any other heavy metals for your tank. its toxic

Aquarium Tutorials says:

Nice! I definetely will be using ‘the third rule’ in my videos and setup.

dennis frankland says:

Awesome dude, always enjoy watching your videos, your passion for the hobby is infectious, rock and roll dude

Richard Ernst says:

That DOESNT even sound like rain..!!!

Spushed says:

Copper is a NO NO (highly toxic) if you have shrimp, lobster, or snails in your aquarium!

chris jones says:

i was going to sub but then i seen you playing with your wood and i got aroused

HybridHerps says:

Tom Barr’s manzanita is great, I got some myself in my 75.

Dustin if a fan wants to share their tank with you where would they go for that again?

skalar altum says:

hahahaha you crezy

thegreatga says:

You know how I know you are living in Ohio as well?  That R A I N….

John Pederson says:

*_The step by step directions laid out in this woodwork plan is thrilling [Check Details Here⇒>☞★☞_**_**_ ]. It eliminates any guess work and makes your work easier and faster. I simply love the plans, they are quite good. I highly recommend it to everyone._*

Brandon C. says:

NO COPPER! It slowly breaks down and leeches into your tank.  Could be bad for shrimps, but it would definitely kill a reef.

jeff mosier says:

Do you collect that driftwood on the Ohio River?

Charles Maunder says:

Is there any danger of toxicity using copper wire?

ArowanaMan85 A says:

Damn that’s pretty elaborate

Gavin Puckett says:

wood lol

lizzyanthus1 says:

Love love love driftwood!  Thanks for the demo.  Good info about matching up the  sizes and looks of pieces, to put together in a tank.  As always, enjoying the videos.  Thanks for  continuing to make them!

Ethan Janes says:

Hi dustin if I send a picture of my chichlide to u can u tell me what it is

Joschka Ze says:

Hi Dustin, would love to see how the 220 is doing?!?!

MNaquatics says:

You always have bomb wood, just curious as to where you get your driftwood from?

Arnaud cordier says:

3:40 what’s the video ?

Rico Suave says:

If your trying to do a aquascape with wood and you don’t have any thing to break in the tank just throw them around and see what you get haha that’s what I do every week after a water change in a 55 gallon tank with a pair of angels and group of tetras….I would be careful doing it with a full on planted tank tho

Sotdot says:

Thanks for sharing the tips Dustin. Have you ever used zap straps to hold the wood in place?

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