Aquarium ideas from InterZoo 2014 (pt.25) – Saigon Aquarium

Four very interesting aquariums, displayed at the booth of Saigon Aquarium Corp.( during InterZoo 2014.

You may say “Hey, these tanks look quite normal, they are not even ‘aquascaped’ in any way” – that’s true, but nevertheless, they are very “elegant”, so to say. Very simple, but very easthetically pleasing – each of them would be a very nice (and easy to maintain) decoration in a livingroom.

00:19 – this aquarium is planted only with various Anubias species. Fish are mostly discus fish (kind of stressed…) and various varietes of Microgeophagus ramirezi (wild, “electric blue”, and some form of “short” – the last one is a deformation which in my opinion should be avoided).

00:55 – aquarium planted with Anubias barteri, Anubias nana, and Microsorum pteropus. There are many species of fishes here, I don’t recognize all, but I do recognize some: Tanichthys albonubes, Tanichthys micagemmane, Rasbora trilineata, Sewellia lineolata, Kryptopterus minor.

02:15 – large tank with panoramic front glass. Plants used are mostly Microsorum pteropus and M. pteropus “Vindelow”. On the left-hand side there are some large Anubias sp. Tank has quite dimmed lighting, so the large shoal of cardinal tetras looks particularly attractive.

03:01 – this aquarium is very colorful and full of life, even though the decoration and illumination is rather dark. It is stocked with about a zillion 😉 of males of guppies Poecillia reticulata, of various varietes. Plants used are Microsorum pteropus, Anubias barteri and Anubias nana, Thanks to the guppies, you can’t be bored by such tank! 🙂

Enjoy the video! 🙂



Cristian-Gabriel Stan says:

Sewellia are sweet fish to keep, very attractive and entertaining. My daughter calls them mice because of the way they move.
And the guppies are just awesome. Now drop a female in there 😉

Antonius vd Klis says:

All nice, some a bit too many fish in it. But you don’t see any Tank with a background, a bit poor…

Cute fish says:

That is the best looking guppy tank on Youtube.

OriginalMindTrick says:

They sure didn’t skimp out on the fish.

Jack Nazarian says:


Jishan Ali says:

very nice yaar

Landstalker says:

It’s so clear it looks like there is no water in the tank.

squall leonhart says:

only male guppy in a tank? mah!

FBM Aquariums says:

Nice video. 

mark beep says:

Finally a nice tank with guppies, thanks for sharing your videos.

Craig Smart says:

Very simple but very clean and crisp

MR Oz says:

That anubias is beautiful and the plant leaves are so large and broad, good green coloring.

Animal Lover Sophia says:


Simon Cole says:

needs a few female guppies to keep males on track.

Kelly Anderson says:

Nice tank set ups but way to busy in my opinion..

Alemandroid 86 says:

Wow mi sueño es tener una pecera asi como estas aunque apenas e empezado con uno de 40litros algun dia tendre uno de 100 120 quizas asi



Scott Carter says:

Cool ! Top vids as always!

fish lovers bang bang says:


Hampton Pizza says:


санька ежиков says:

что за свет там?

noesi elvis says:

Pics of shit

simply_aquatic says:

Very nice!…I really like the simple aquascapes with large numbers of fish.

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