Aquarium Setup – Aquascape – Step by Step and Final Product – Live Planted Fish Tank

If you want to know what goes into a tank like this, click here!:

My CO2 System –
Oxygen Pump –
The Coral Sand –
Gravel –
Some Vital Pieces –
If you want to know what goes into a tank like this, click here!:

Want to know where to get the plants?: or the driftwood?:

Would you like to feature your tank on this channel? Let me know.


gudda whyte says:

nice fishtank love it,, getting some ideas for my new project

sarah jane wilkinson says:

Wow Love This Setup. it’s beauitiful. i’m looking in to a bigger tank. at the min i only have a 2 ft tank. it’s perfect for me as i have just starting out. but this is amazing setup. i’m doing a photo clip of mine. feel free to check it out once i’m done. cheers

familyplast says:

v nice..

M Arif says:

Have you washed the substrate before adding it to the tank? Nice video by the way.

Aquatic Life says:

Nice setup

Letsheia hanson says:

would b nice if you told us what you put in the tank. I would live to do this but I’m afraid of putting stuff in my very unattractive tank lol I Dont want my fish to die 🙁 so there’s just water in it

bataanaa tseveen says:

xx intro?

François says:

This really is an art. I can’t wait to set up my tank 🙂

Rel Josh Tutor says:

i like the tigeŕ barbs

minimalist_82 says:

hi! what do you use to support the substrate? thanks!

Amphibian. Axolotl says:


Lovebetta says:


Jordan Brydle says:

Yes I do have a 180g tank

ray palmero says:

did you used CO2 in this set-up?

Paula kreinberg says:

6::25 EARTHQUAKE!!!????? lol

Faith Whatevers says:

Love this! what filter do you use? The filters I use are always so ugly and bulky!

Servo de Cristo says:

what is the name of the song ?

Jiří Stelmaščuk says:

Where to buy such a root?

DutchDrivers says:

Nice aqua

Vinay Kumar says:


Canoon Canoon II says:

What type of sand? Thanks

sayın esim says:


Maia H says:

This looks AMAZING. Question, how long did you wait to add your fish??

Namaste Entertainment says:


Jay Bacay says:

can i ask what soil do you add? is it just a normal soil or a soil from a pet store?

Helen West says:

Don’t listen to Zopo that is what you call talented creative and kind hearted person. 🙂

Brisa Nahir Alvarez says:

que peses pones

Jashan Singh says:

These aquariums are something!

Bangkak Arca says:

Why the wood does not float

christopher amata says:

good day….can you please help me locate any of the store/outlet where i can buy all my aquascaping needs…..i’m from manila, philippines…..thank you……

Ostana Sky says:

Beautiful! Where can I find those cards you inserted to the substrate at 5:00?

Abhishek Baratam says:

you did not used any brown fertilized sand .will the plants grow this way with only stone gravel!!!

Michael Ramage says:


Tek Smartz says:

That Looks so beautiful. I love the driftwood.

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